5 Downtown Beautification Project/Street Improvements.

Meeting Date August 18, 2015

Agenda Item #5

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AGENDA ITEM: Downtown Beautification Project/Street Improvements. MEETING DATE: August 18, 2015

PREPARED BY: Mario B. Gouveia, City Engineer REVIEWED BY: Odi Ortiz, Interim City Manager



Obtain direction from City Council on configuration and extent of improvements.


The City plans to construct a renovation/beautification project in the downtown area of Main Street, from "D" to near the railroad tracks. Improvements include new sidewalks, wheelchair ramps, bulbouts at street corners, stamped concrete borders, tree wells, landscaping, landscape irrigation, and decorative street lights. The new facilities will meet applicable accessibility standards.


Staff is seeking direction from the City Council for the configuration and extent of the improvements including:

• Limits of improvements

• Traffic circle at "B" Street -Future

• Parking configuration

• Mid-block crosswalk-bulbout – adjust location of crosswalk.

• Plant trees with project?

• Install landscape irrigation?

• Install City logo in tree wells?

• Stamped concrete pattern and color

• Bulbouts at "D" Street?

• Leave existing poles to hang decorations?

• Sidewalk at Rite-Aid – Proposing to leave sidewalk except for stamped border and tree wells

• Extend curb and gutter at SW comer of "C" St (by museum).

• Shape of bulbouts

• Bus stops

• Street name/stop sign decorative poles

• Sidewalk width between railroad track and "B" St, East side – Encroachment


The estimated project cost is $1,050,000.00. The project will be funded by Gas Tax (200k), TDA (400k), and RSTP (450k).



1. Preliminary Plans/Figures (6 sheets).








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