A Few Letters, Sun-Star & and Mike McGuire Articles about Livingston Politics (and a few other things Worthy of Note) 2017


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If you want to research even further back, there are additional pages which can give you an idea about what happened, (or has not happened) to things like Water Rate Increases, or Development Projects that have been batted back and forth for several years. The links below will take you to Headlines and snippets from the following years

  • From 2008-2009

    • City Council Members – Daniel Varela, Frank Vierra, Rodrigo Espinoza, Margarita Aguilar, Martha Nateras

    • Significant Events:

      • Water Rate Increases, Foster Farms sues twice about Water Rates, The Recall Movement Begins:

      • Recall Supporters allege that new water rates are Illegal, Unwarranted, and Unnecessary.

  • From 2010-2011

    • One Foster Farms lawsuit is dropped and another goes to the State Appeals Court

    • Recall of two City  Council Members. Recall Supporter Teresa Land elected to City Council. Recall Supporter Rodrigo Espinoza elected as Mayor, Recall Supporter Warren Urnberg appointed as Temporary Council Member.

    • Water Rates rolled back to 1995 levels. Council abandons the Appeal

    • 2010 General Election.

    • City Council: Rodrigo Espinoza (Mayor), Maragarita Aguilar (Mayor Pro-Temp) Frank Vierra, Teresa Land, Gurpal Samra.

    • New City Attorney and City Manager

    • “Utility Rates Stakeholders Committee is established to “work with the consultants” on new water rates.

      • Richie King, Vice President at Foster Farms: one of the members appointed.

      • Margarita Aguilar and Gurpal Samra: Council Liaisons.

    • California Department of Public Health warns Livingston about the consequences of failing Maximum Contaminant Levels

  • From 2012-2013

From 2014…..The Year of the Drought Declaration, the destruction of the Court Theater, and discussions about Water Rate Increases taking place during an Election Year.

And, in addition to the above, the City of Livingston is sued because of the elevated levels of Arsenic in Well #13.


  • Rodrigo Espinoza (Mayor),

  • Gurpal Samra (Mayor Pro-Temp),

  • David Mendoza (Brother of Mario Mendoza: Planning Commissioner and Treasurer of the Recall Committee)

  • Arturo Saciaros,

  • Jim Soria.


From 2015, the year in which

FROM 2016


  • Rodrigo Espinoza (Mayor),

  • Gurpal Samra (Mayor Pro-Temp),

  • Alex McCabe

  • Arturo Saciaros,

  • Jim Soria.


  • The search for a New City Manager Drags on

  • There are multiple emergency repairs and upgrades to City Wells.

  • An Ordinance allowing cultivation of Medical Marijuana is adopted.

  • A New Contract Public Works director is hired, but only lasts about 2 months

  • The City becomes involved in the “Parking Lot Dispute” – eventually buying the parking lot next to Fiesta Mkt. in an effort to resolve the problem.

  • There is a proposal to change the terms of one council member to two years: for the 2016 Election Year.

  • The City is sued for records of Foster Farms Water Usage

  • Mayor Rodrigo Espinoza Is Elected to the Position of District 1 County Supervisor

  • A Livingston Officer is convicted of assaulting a man in handcuffs.

  • The City Adopts an updated Housing Element which clearly indicates the City would not have enough water for the estimated growth in Residential Housing over the next 8 years.

  • The Draft Urban Water Management Plan is released

  • Parallel Parking Returns to Livingston, In November, as part of the Downtown Improvement Project

  • After the 2016 General Election, one of the Councilmen Elect resigns before even taking office: meaning once again, a replacement will be needed.

McCabe will continue on Livingston council after winning appointment – January 19, 2017 – The Merced Sun Star – Brianna Calix – The Livingston City Council appointed Alex McCabe to fill a vacant seat this week after a winning candidate declined to serve as a council member. Council members voted unanimously Tuesday to appoint McCabe, who had placed fourth in the November election. McCabe, who was appointed to fill in a council vacancy in 2015, told the Sun-Star on Thursday he’s proud to serve the city of Livingston for another two years…Originally from the foothill town of Ahwahnee, McCabe is director of government affairs for Medihol, a medicinal cannabis company….In February, the City Council will assign committee responsibilities, make planning commission appointments and vote on a new city logo, Samra said.