8 City Council Accept and Authorize Sweeper Truck Repairs Quote from Ry-Den Truck Center, Inc.

Meeting Date: JANUARY 20, 2015

Agenda Item #8. City Council Accept and Authorize Sweeper Truck Repairs Quote from Ry-Den Truck Center, Inc.

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AGENDA ITEM: City Council Accept and Authorize Sweeper Truck Repairs Quote from Ry­ Den Truck Center, Inc.

MEETING DATE: January 20, 2015

PREPARED BY: Odi Ortiz, Assistant City Manager

REVIEWED BY: Jose Antonio Ramirez, City Manager



Staff recommends that the City Council accept and authorize the sweeper truck repairs quote from Ry­ Den Truck Center, Inc.


The City Public Works Department purchased a 2010 Nissan sweeper truck model UD 3300 in late 2010 at a cost of just over $195,000 by financing it over four years through Wells Fargo. The City just made its last payment early this year. This unit was acquired with the standard three year warranty service and it appears that the extended warranty was not considered.

The purpose of the vehicle is to service the weekly street sweeping functions. After four years of ongoing operations, this unit suffered internal engine problems during the holiday season in late December 2014. Public Works staff has inspected the unit and has determined that the cause of engine failure is associated with internal damages to the engine block.

It appears that internal parts on the connecting rod came loose, consequently damaging the engine unit. Public Works staff received some feedback from outside dealers/customers and it appears that some of these units came defective. Our research reflects no records of any recalls on this model.

The vehicle has been out of service since late December 2014. Three service quotes have been received and are being presented to the Council for consideration. The repair cost exceeds management’s spending limits and, therefore, requires Council authorization. The following three quotes were collected;

Ry-Den Truck Center, Inc. of Fresno $25,956.69 (no transportation cost included; estimate is $500)

Bonander Truck Service of Turlock $28,165.12 (no transportation cost included)

Future Ford of Sacramento $29,213.79 (excludes transportation cost) Future Ford of Sacramento $32,205.24 (includes transportation cost)

Estimated turn-around time to get this unit back in service is about one month after vendor selection by Council takes place.

Staff and management are also considering hiring temporary assistance to cover the sweeping areas in town. To provide temporary support, Gilton has provided an hourly rate of $125 (includes vehicle and operator); Owens Equipment in Sacramento $3,250 per week and/or $9,300 (vehicle rental only); Turlock Scavengers rate of $170 per hour (includes vehicle and operator).

The Cities of Turlock and Merced were contacted and are not able to assist.

We have also contacted Foster Farms as an option.

Depending on actual needs and cost, management will be entertaining these options until the sweeper unit is back in service.


Accept and approve repair quote from Ry-Den Truck Center, Inc.


Total repair cost including any freight/transportation cost will be absorbed by the Sanitation Fund #2103. Adopted Budget includes $5,000 for vehicle O & M. Additional funds to cover repairs will be added during the mid-year budget revision process. Estimated impact per lowest bid is just over $26,000.


Quotes received from Ry-Den Truck Center, Inc., Bonander Truck Service, and Future Ford of Sacramento.








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