2 City Council Authorization for the Sale of Surplus Vehicles and Property.

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Meeting Date MAY 05, 2015

Agenda Item #2. City Council Authorization for the Sale of Surplus Vehicles and Property.


AGENDA ITEM: City Council Authorization for the Sale of Surplus Vehicles and Property.

MEETING DATE: May 5, 2015

PREPARED BY: Ruben Chavez, Chief of Police

REVIEWED BY: Odi Ortiz, Interim City Manager



That City Council authorizes the sale of surplus vehicles and property in accordance with the Livingston Municipal Code Chapter 12.


The City of Livingston replaces outdated and old equipment and vehicles. The equipment which is no longer needed is kept for a short time in the event it is of value at a later time. After that point, the City has an ordinance in place to dictate how the items are to be released from City ownership.


At any given time, the City of Livingston must in essence "clean house" to get rid of old equipment and vehicles. This allows the City to either transfer the use of old equipment to another department or get rid of it all together to get the highest value at auction as well as to make space for new equipment and vehicles.

Currently, the City has three vehicles and three pieces of equipment which are no longer needed and are ready to be surplused. The City hopes to take the vehicles either to auction for sale, with a small percentage going to the auction house, or sell via a closed bid system. The City has used several methods recently and hopes to explore the best option to receive the highest return on this equipment.


There is minimal fiscal impact to place advertisements announcing sale of items two weeks prior to actual sale.


1. List of surplus items




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