Draft 1/2 Cent Transportation Sales Tax Measure Expenditure Plan

I received a copy of the Draft from the Mayor of Los Banos.

Draft Sales Tax 1According to the mayor, the language in black is the MCAG approved language. The red language includes the modifications Los Banos proposed (and was denied by the MCAG Board) to protect the Westside/Eastside share.  Please pay close attention to page 12, “Amendments To The Expenditure Plan”, this section allows MCAG to change the funding allocations. Note the red language under that section. It would have protected the original amounts for the Westside/Eastside by stating that it would have to go back to the voters for any changes. This 30 year tax measure will be on the November 2016 ballot and needs a 66 2/3 voter approval rate for it to pass.


To view the Entire Document, click on the following link

half cent tax ependiture plan updated wording 02102016 (1)