1 Council Authorize Staff to Purchase and Install Police Lobby Security System for Use After Hours.

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AGENDA ITEM: Council Authorize Staff to Purchase and Install Police Lobby Security System For Use During After Hours.

MEETING DATE: May 3, 2016

PREPARED BY: Ruben Chavez, Chief of Police

REVIEWED BY: Odi Ortiz, Interim City Manager


Staff recommends that the City Council approves the purchase of and installation of a police lobby security system for after hours use.


The police department’s lobby is currently open 24/7 which allows anyone to enter the police facility anytime day or night. The department recently installed a security camera system to enhance building security. The cameras were provided by the departments’ current contractor, Security Systems Solutions, Inc. who installed high definition cameras around the building as well as at the entrances. The department has however recently experienced several incidents occurring in the lobby which have caused concern for additional security precautions. For example, an unknown suspect threw a bottle into the police lobby during the night and fled. Also, a subject was intoxicated came into the lobby during the evening, exposed himself to several of our Explorers, and urinated on the floor.

Due to increased security risks occurring at police departments throughout the state and country and to enhance the safety of our staff, the department requests installation of a front door monitoring and access system to control those who enter the lobby after hours. This type of entry system is very common though-out the public safety industry. In short, the front lobby doors would be locked after hours, around 11 pm or midnight. A monitor would be at the entrance which would allow a person who desires to enter the building the ability to be viewed and "buzzed in" after determining the need based on an initial conversation. The front doors would be opened again in the morning around 5 or 6 am, depending on the time of year. The system can be set up to have the opening and closing automatic via software.

The department’s security contractor can easily provide the system which would tie into our current security system. The department experiences very few lobby contacts after hours, yet this system would provide the ability for visitors to quickly be assessed and allowed into the building when deemed appropriate. This system will provide increased security for our dispatchers who work alone during after hours. Albeit there is a security glass in place, there is a small pass-through window which can cause safety risks as well as the concerns associated with someone throwing an object into the lobby and fleeing.


The department currently has maintenance contracts with Security System Solutions, Inc who would facilitate the security upgrade.


The server which houses the security software currently in place has reached its end of life and is in need of upgrading. The server would be an upgrade and police department budget line item 1100-102-7410 would be utilized fund the purchase. The department would utilize the Community Development Fund (CFD) to fund the new security system. The total cost for this project upgrade is $19,417.67.


1. Security System Solutions, Inc system project quote at $13,140.42

2. Security System Solutions, Inc server upgrade quote at $6,277.25