2 Proclamation Designating June 2016 as Immigrant Heritage Month.

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AGENDA ITEM: Proclamation Designating June 2016 as Immigrant Heritage Month.

MEETING DATE: May 3, 2016

PREPARED BY: Betty Cota, Deputy City Clerk

REVIEWED BY: Odi Ortiz, Interim City Manager



Staff recommends that the Council approve a Proclamation designating June 2016 as Immigrant Heritage Month as requested by Welcome US, a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. that is dedicated to celebrating a United States that is fueled by an immigrant tradition.


The third-annual Immigrant Heritage Month will celebrate our country’s immigrant heritage – stories of individuals, families and communities who have contributed to the unique social fabric of a country whose greatness is fueled by its diversity. For the past two years, Immigrant Heritage Month has celebrated the millions of stories that make-up our nation’s interwoven narrative during a joyous, month­ long celebration in June.

Joining over one hundred celebrities and a national network of 238 partners for Immigrant Heritage Month 2015, the White House and Administration shared 18 blog posts from staff sharing their immigrant heritage stories, including President Barack Obama himself, in a weekly address to the nation. Members of Congress and other elected officials shared their personal stories with Welcome US, and the U.S. House and Senate both introduced resolutions recognizing June as Immigrant Heritage Month.

Building on the past two year’s success, Immigrant Heritage Month 2016 will include partnerships with community organizations, elected officials, corporations, media outlets, athletes, artists and thought leaders who will help amplify the message, encouraging all of us to celebrate our immigrant heritage as a source of pride.


None to the City.


Proclamation Designating June 2016 as "Immigrant Heritage Month"


WHEREAS, generations of immigrants from every corner of the globe have built our country’s economy and created the unique character of our nation; and

WHEREAS, immigrants continue to grow businesses, innovate, strengthen our economy, and create American jobs in California; and

WHEREAS, immigrants have provided the United States with unique social and cultural influence, fundamentally enriching the extraordinary character of our nation; and

WHEREAS, immigrants have been tireless leaders not only in securing their own rights and access to equal opportunity, but have also campaigned to create a fairer and more just society for all Americans; and

WHEREAS, despite these countless contributions, the role of immigrants in building and enriching our nation has frequently been overlooked and undervalued throughout our history and continuing to the present day.

NOW, THEREFOR, BE IT RESOLVED by the City Council of the City of Livingston, California, that June 2016 is designated as "Immigrant Heritage Month."



Rodrigo Espinoza, Mayor of the City of Livingston