6 City Council to Provide Staff Direction on the Design of a New City Logo.

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AGENDA ITEM: City Council to Provide Staff Direction on the Design of a New Logo.

MEETING DATE: May 3, 2016

PREPARED BY: Betty Cota, Deputy City Clerk

REVIEWED BY: Odi Ortiz, Interim City Manager


Staff is seeking City Council direction on how to proceed with the design of a new City Logo.


During past discussions, the City Council expressed interest in developing a new Corporate Seal (Logo) and to change the slogan to read, "City of Livingston Sweet Potato Capital." The Council also directed staff to work with individuals/companies that are skilled in the art of graphic design to develop the new City Logo.

Per Council direction, staff has entered into an agreement with Graphic Solutions of San Diego to design a new City Logo. Graphic Solutions has provided the City with various designs for a new City logo which are attached for the Council’s review and direction. Staff also welcomes any input from the Council and any ideas/suggestions for the design of the new City Logo.

Design # 1 is the most recent submittal from Graphic Solutions. Designs # 4 through #7 were the first designs submitted by Graphic Solutions; however, after some critiquing and at staff s request, Graphic Solutions came up with the final design.


The full impact of expenditures is unknown at this time.


Sample City Logo Designs.