9 Council Authorize Staff to Contract for the Construction of a Security Wall at Rear Entrance of Police Building.

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Meeting Date: November 15, 2016


AGENDA ITEM: Council Authorize Staff to Contract for the Construction of a Security Wall at Rear Entrance of Police Building.

MEETING DATE: November 15, 2016

PREPARED BY: Ruben Chavez, Chief of Police

REVIEWED BY: Odi Ortiz, Interim City Manager


Staff recommends that the City Council approve a construction services agreement with DAC Remodeling and Security System Solutions for the construction of a security wall at the rear entrance to the police facility.


The Livingston Police Facility was newly constructed in 1999. At that time the building was state of the art and designed with modern amenities. The entire building has proximity access points for entry requiring a key card/fob reader to gain access. The rear entrance leads into a prisoner processing area where all prisoners are processed prior to being transported to Merced County Jail for booking. An area of concern has been identified; however, never addressed inside the rear entrance of the facility.

Once a person is in the prisoner processing area, they in essence have access to the majority of the offices and remainder of the building with the exception of dispatch which is secured by proximity entry. Officer safety concerns have been raised and need to be addressed to ensure the safety of staff if a prisoner were to become free from his handcuffs, or worse, overpower an officer and become free to move throughout the building. If a suspect was being processed and somehow was able to free himself, he would be free to roam throughout the building.

Staff has researched the best options to secure this area and have identified a simple solution of constructing a wall which separates the prisoner area from the remainder of the building. The wall would be installed with a door to match the existing structure and design and would be installed with glass windows to allow for visual access to the area.

This would allow a sense of a safety barrier preventing a dangerous suspect from gaining access to the remainder of the facility. With a security wall in place and if this were to occur, the only recourse would be for the suspect to flee the building through the rear entrance.


Staff researched construction companies capable of meeting the needs of this project. Staff published a Request for Bids in the Merced Sun Star on August 9, 2016 as follows:

"REQUEST FOR QUOTES – The City of Livingston is accepting quotes for the construction of a wall at the Police Department, with a door to match existing structure and design. The wall is an interior door designed to provide additional security. The wall is approximately 10 feet long with an 8 foot ceiling. It will need to have a security door and a 4 foot by 4 foot safety window.

Please submit all quotes to Lt. Chris Soria, Livingston Police Department, 1446 C Street, Livingston, CA 95334, (209) 394-7916 by September 2, 2016. Dated: August 9, 2016." Only one bid was submitted by DAC Remodeling, Inc. The quote from Security System Solutions for the installation of the proximity readers is from an existing company which provides the contract service to the department.

This contract would allow for the construction of a security wall as well as the installation of proximity hardware to be installed to match the facility’s security and access infrastructure. Staff recommends approval of these contracts.


The department would utilize the Community Facilities Fund (CFD) to construct the security wall as well as install the proximity card readers and software. The total cost for this project is $15,181.25.


1. Quote from DAC Remodeling, Inc. in the amount of $12,831.00.

2. Quote from Security System Solutions in the amount of $2,350.25.

Total amount of this project is $15,181.25.