What are we gonna do about the Soccer Fields

This page is a “word for word” transcription that was created by re listening to the April 04, 2017 City Council Meeting. This particular comment begins at about 1:29:00 into the meeting.

If you happen listen to the meeting yourself, and find I have made any significant errors, please let me know and I will correct them.

I rise in protest of these venues that are happening at our Livingston complex. They are ruining our soccer field. The last past year has been havoc for us: our organization gets less and less usage.

I want an end to it! No heavy equipment. No vehicles on the soccer field. They can put it anywhere else they want. But not on the Soccer Field! That’s ours! That’s our sanctioned one that we play on. And if we don’t have a soccer field to play, I will instruct our members, we will go out on the streets for soccer cuz there’s no other soccer field that we can use.

That took 10 years to get that. That’s a $650,000 project that’s gonna go down the tubes if you guys don’t open your eyes and hear.

City-Public works has been doing an excellent job now – these past couple of years on maintaining the field. But that heavy equipment and over usage – that is a Sports (complex) not a venue for these types. If you’re gonna keep these venues, send them back to Memorial Park. – Ricardo Soria – Public Comment – April 04, 2017 City Council Meeting: appx 1:29:00