12 City Council to Authorize the Management and Confidential Employees to Seek Union Representation.

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Meeting Date: August 15, 2017


AGENDA ITEM: City Council to Authorize the Management and Confidential Employees to Seek Union Representation.

MEETING DATE: August 15, 2017

PREPARED BY: Maribel Arevalo-Communications/Records Manager Deanna Soria-Administrative Services Manager

REVIEWED BY: Jose Antonio Ramirez, City Manager


That the City Council authorize the City of Livingston Management and Confidential Employees to pursue outside representation.


The City of Livingston currently staffs 54 full-time employees. All employees with the exception of department heads and those designated as the Management and Confidential Group, are represented by one of four bargaining groups. The City of Livingston Management and Confidential Employees are not, nor have they ever been, represented by any union organization. To bring the employees up to industry standards in labor and employment matters, the employees simply seek representation by an outside group.


Currently, there are a total of four employee groups represented by outside labor organizations. The only employees that have never been represented are those who are classified as Management and Confidential. Over the years, the employees, as a group, have worked directly with the City Manager to negotiate employment matters involving their group. The employees have discussed their role in negotiating for themselves and have decided to bring their group up to industry standards by seeking an outside labor group to speak on any matters involving their employment, to include discipline, wage increases, and other benefits.

The Management and Confidential Employees consist only of six employees. Every other group of employees within the City is represented by one union organization or another. Management and Confidential Employees are requesting that the City Council allow the group of employees to pursue representation by an outside labor organization. Once the group selects an organization, they will bring the selection to Council for approval.


There will be no fiscal impact to the City.