16 Resolution 2017-__, Approving the Purchase of the Management Software PubWorks for Fleet Maintenance, Work Orders, Service Requests, and Asset Management.

Meeting Date: February 07, 2017

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AGENDA ITEM: Resolution Approving the Purchase of the Management Software PubWorks for Fleet Maintenance, Work Orders, Service Requests, and Asset Management

MEETING DATE: February 7, 2017

PREPARED BY: Noe Martinez, Interim Public Works Director

REVIEWED BY: Odi Ortiz, Interim City Manager



Adopt Resolution No. 2017-_, approving the purchase of the management software PubWorks for fleet maintenance, work orders, service requests, and asset management.


Currently, City staff relies on manual paperwork or limited electronic usage for scheduling fleet/equipment maintenance and completing repairs, processing work orders, managing the City’s fixed assets inventory, tracking operations and preparing reports, monitoring and controlling costs, responding to service calls, and other City functions.

PubWorks would provide benefits for various City departments including Fleet Maintenance, Streets, Parks, Water, Sewer, Facilities, Police, Fire, office of Public Works, City Hall, and Finance.

Fleet Maintenance: Track maintenance schedules for all City vehicles and equipment, on demand service requests, parts inventory, fuel consumption, vehicle replacements, and repair/maintenance costs. This software would also provide analysis and reports for fuel consumption trends and other critical items.

Water: Track water leaks and repairs, schedule for flushing fire hydrants and exercising valves, maintenance checks for water wells and treatment facilities, develop and maintain inventory of water infrastructure, and respond to service calls. The software mapping and mobile features would improve locating trouble spots and addressing service calls faster.

Sewer: Track maintenance schedule for trouble spots and pipe blockages, maintenance checks for wastewater treatment plant and lift stations, develop and maintain inventory of sewer infrastructure, and respond to service calls similar to the Water Department.

Streets and Facilities: Track maintenance schedule for pavement crack sealing and striping, pavement overlays, street signs replacement, pothole repairs, weed abatement, develop and maintain inventory of street infrastructure and facility assets, maintenance checks for storm lift stations, and respond to service calls similar to the Water Department.

Parks and LMDs: Track maintenance schedule for park area aeration, seeding, and fertilization, develop and maintain inventory of park assets, track irrigation leaks and repairs, and respond to service calls.

PubWorks would assist the office of Public Works, City Hall, and other City departments in creating and disseminating work orders to the various departments faster and more efficiently. The software would provide an inventory of all work orders to track completion status, materials and labor cost for the work, and record information. All of this information would be stored within a central database for readily retrieval by staff.

The software would benefit the Finance Department for keeping an inventory of all City assets, arrange them into categories and groups, and create custom condition assessments and depreciation schedule for these assets.

The on-line service request feature of the software would provide the Livingston citizens a more user­ friendly approach for submitting requests for services and/or repairs. The software would allow citizens to describe their requests more thoroughly as a result of the on-line information provided by the software for the City infrastructure. Citizens would be able to report any issues related to streets, water, sewer, parks, facilities, and storm drainage.

Staff considered several software companies for this City application including PubWorks, Managers Plus, Dossier, Municipalnets, and Trakit. PubWorks is the only management software that provided a module for all of the City’s areas including fleet maintenance, streets, parks, LMDs, water, sewer, and facilities. All of the other companies provided only two or three of these modules. Also, one of the key characteristics that most of the other management software were lacking was the fuel integration and management system.

Chapter 1-11 of the Livingston Municipal Code requires all purchases over $10,000 to be subject to formal bidding. However, Section 1-11-6 allows the City Council to waive the formal bidding requirement if the services/products are only available from one source. As explained above, PubWorks is the only entity that can provide all of the modules necessary to meet the City’s needs. Accordingly, Staff recommends the City Council find that PubWorks is the only available source and waive the formal bidding requirements.

Attached are the proposals from PubWorks, ESRI, and CDW-G for completing the project. Each of these proposals provides a component that is required for the full implementation of the management software. These proposals provide a one-time cost of $34,038.32 for purchasing and setting up the software. There is also a maintenance/support annual fee of $3,000 for PubWorks and $990 for ESRI. The PubWorks annual fee would be due after six months from installation and each year thereafter. The ESRI annual fee would be due on the second year of installation and each year thereafter.

The one-time cost includes the purchase of seven tablets for mobile access. Training and data entry would be completed as part of the PubWorks proposal. ESRI provides the mapping features using GIS technology. CDW-G provides the server storage and licensing component.

Staff recommends that the City Council waive formal bidding for PubWorks and that the proposals for PubWorks, ESRI, and CDW-G be approved to proceed with the implementation of the management software.


The cost for the PubWorks management software was included in the FY 2016-2017 budget. The project will be funded 20% from Water Enterprise, 20% from Sewer Enterprise, 20% from Streets, 20% from Parks/LMDs, and 20% from Police.


1. Resolution 2017-

2. PubWorks Proposal dated August 16, 2017

3. ESRI Proposal #20497493

4. CDW-G Proposal #HPHQ705