9 Resolution Approving a Three (3) Year Professional Services Agreement for Municipal Code Enforcement Services and Authorizing the City Manager to Execute Agreement with Selected Firm.

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Meeting Date: June 06, 2017


AGENDA ITEM: Resolution Approving a Three (3) Year Professional Services Agreement for Municipal Code Enforcement Services and Authorizing the City Manager to Execute Agreement with Selected Firm.

MEETING DATE: June 6, 2017

PREPARED BY: Ruben Chavez, Acting City Manager/Police Chief

REVIEWED BY: Jose M. Sanchez, City Attorney



Adopt Resolution No. 2017- , authorizing the City Manager to execute a three (3) year Professional

Services Agreement for Municipal Code enforcement with selected firm.


The City of Livingston has never employed a full-time Code Enforcement Officer to solely enforce regulations surrounding Municipal Code violations. Approximately 15 years ago, the City collaterally assigned those duties to the building inspector as part of his day to day operations. Since then, any complaints that arose pertaining to housing and building code violations, public nuisance violations, Health and Safety Code violations, and vehicle abatement were relegated and handled by either Public Works or Police staff. For a short period of time, the contracted company for building inspections also assisted as a collateral assignment.

The need to employ at the minimum, a part-time Code Enforcement Officer, has become more apparent as the City continues to observe and receive more complaints surrounding code violations.

In 2016, the City applied for and was awarded a comprehensive Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) in the amount of $1.7 million of which $139,535.00 was dedicated to a part-time Municipal Code Enforcement Officer. The grant was awarded on December 22, 2016 and expires on October 25, 2021. All funds which will be allocated to the grant must be spent by October 25, 2019.

In essence, the grant will be for 3 years; however, the funds for the code enforcement allocation will not begin to be drawn upon until July or August 2017 giving the City approximately 27 months for a dedicated part time code enforcement officer to perform the functions related to the assignment.

This grant is very specific as to the areas covered for the services. Those areas are Census Tracts: 3.01- Block Group 1, 3.04-Block Group 4, 3.04- Block Group 4. Given the grant restrictions, these areas are the only areas that will be serviced by the Code Enforcement Officer.

These areas tend to be the older residential areas in Livingston and in general generate the most code enforcement complaints. These areas included a square block within the boundaries of Main-Hammatt-F-Park and the majority north of SR 99. There is no funding currently budgeted for other areas; however, this can be explored by the company billing specific times spent in other areas as requested by City Management.

Any work done in other areas would be paid for by other City funds, not the CDBG grant.

There were only two responses from the published Request for Proposal (RFP). The companies were 4Leaf and CSG Consultants, Inc. Both proposals included proposed hours and wages. The total allocated for the grant is $139,535.00 which if parsed out into 27 separate months of service; the monthly allocated funding would be $5,167.96. Both proposals included estimated hours which exceeded this monthly amount. As such, both companies are flexible to meet the grant funding limits. Both companies had several listed references

Both proposals included reference contacts. Upon reviewing the list, CSG Consultants, Inc. provided (8) eight references for code enforcement. Of those, five were contacted with three responses from the City of Los Banos, the City of Monte Sereno, and the City of Atherton. All three provided positive reviews for CSG Consultants, Inc. and two of the three operated Code Enforcement Services out of the Police Department.

There were 3 references for code enforcement listed for the 4Leaf proposal. All three were contacted, however, none responded to calls for reference.

The proposed personnel listed on both proposals were contacted for telephone interviews. The first interview was conducted with 4Leaf, Inc.’s proposed Code Enforcement Officer Tim Nakashima. Tim appeared pleasant and professional on the phone explaining his experience and philosophy as it pertains to community complaints. He appeared well versed in current law and enforcement strategies.

The second and third interviews were conducted with CSG Consultants’ proposed Code Enforcement Officer Lisa Ochoa and Senior Code Enforcement Officer Lamonte Mack. Ochoa provided very experienced responses and provided her philosophy with 30 years of service in various enforcement positions. Mack was extremely impressive with his responses, philosophy, and commitment to smaller communities. He was very articulate and his presentation on the day to day activities of code enforcement was outstanding. In addition, he explained that his job was to assist in the initial process and his work would not incur any costs to the City.

When asked about working out of the Police Department, he articulated that the best place to perform his duties was alongside the building inspector in City Hall and supported his response with sound and reasonable explanations. His articulations made complete sense and it is recommended this occur in the City of Livingston.

Fee Proposals:

1) CSG Consultants, Inc. $87.50/hr

2) 4Leaf, Inc. $75.00/hr

There were various differences between the proposals. CSG Consultants, Inc. included a manager and senior code enforcement staff member; however, further clarification resulted in limiting their involvement. 4Leaf included mileage for the contracted Code Enforcement Officer.


In reviewing proposals, CSG Consultants, Inc. had more experience in code enforcement services and its proposed manager and Code Enforcement Officer had more education listed as part of their biographical data. Interviews with CSG Consultants, Inc. personnel were impressive. The City already contracts with 4Leaf on building inspection, permits and plan review. The City is already familiar with the company and its billing processes.

It is recommended that Council consider approving a three (3) year professional services agreement for Code Enforcement Services with CSG Consultants, Inc. based on submitted proposals, reference checks, and interviews with both companies.


The total amount for the grant is $139,535.00 for the (3) year grant. The City does not incur any additional costs associated with the CDBG grant. There is a matching Planning and Technical Assistance Grant amount of $2,326.00; however, this does not pertain to this grant.


l. Initial Request for Proposals

2. Proposal from CSG Consultants, Inc.

3. Proposal from 4Leaf, Inc.

4. Resolution No. 2017_, approving a Three (3) Year Professional Services Agreement for Municipal Code Enforcement Services and Authorizing the City Manager to Execute Agreement

5. Professional Services Agreement (Exhibit A)