2 Community Development Block Grant General Allocation NOFA, 13-CDBG-8960 Closeout–Construct Well#17 – Urban Water Management Plan – Surface Water Study

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Meeting Date: November 21, 2017


AGENDA ITEM: 13-CDBG-8960 Closeout and Public Hearing.

MEETING DATE: November 21, 2017


PREPARED BY: Paul Ashby, Adams Ashby Group

REVIEWED BY: Jose Antonio Ramirez, City Manager


• Open Public Hearing

• Receive Public Comment(s)

• Close Public Hearing.

• Direct staff to submit final reports and closeout package to the State


In 2013, the City received $1,600,000 from CDBG under the General Allocation NOFA. The bulk of these funds were allocated for the improvements to construct Well #17. The project has been completed and the grant will now be closed out with the State.

In addition, a portion of the funds set aside above were allocated two planning studies. The first was for an Urban Water Management Plan. The second was for a Surface Water Study to determine the feasibility of accessing surface water as a source of drinking water. Both studies have been completed

The City is required to hold a public hearing to discuss the grant accomplishments and submit a closeout certification to the State. Upon direction from the Council, staff will submit the final closeout package to CDBG.


The City has utilized CDBG funds many times in the past and continues to do so. The funds received are 100% grant funds and have been critical in assisting the City complete various projects in the City.

The City received another CDBG grant in 2016 that will be used for water line replacements and code enforcement.


The CDBG funds of $1,600,000 were 100% grant funded and all dollars available were spent and drawn down from the Stat that were needed. Due to cost increases and items that were not previously included in the application, the City did commit and expend approximately $39,753 in CDBG Program Income as well as enterprise funds in the amount of $1,098,797. As required by the State, the City also committed $5,000 in local monies towards the planning studies as those carry a 5% match.