A Young Hero Needs Support

This came into my In Box  from the Modesto/Central Valley Blue Star Mothers & Families

Army PFC Matt Maddox , currently serving with the 173 Airborne Brigade Combat Team, came home for leave on May 24, 2010 from Afghanistan so he could attend his older brother Michael’s college graduation on June 5.

Unfortunately he was not able to attend due to an accident that happened on May26.

Matt was running along side a grading tractor that he was helping a friend move when he lost his footing in the rain. Matt fell and was run over by the tractor. He sustained the following major injuries:

Fractured femur
fractured tibia
fractured pelvis
fractured tailbone
orbital blowout fracture to the right eye
torn bladder/urethra

Matt was airlifted to Mercy San Juan Trauma center in Carmichael. He has undergone 4 surgeries. Matt received over 9 units of blood initially after the accident, and was given more blood/platelets for the next several days in the trauma ICU.

Matt spent 8 nights in the trauma ICU before being transfered to the trauma floor in the hospital where he spent another 15 nights. Matt was home for 10 days before being readmitted to the hospital again for an infection that occurred in one of the wounds from the accident.

He spent another 4 nights in the hospital before coming home again. In September Matt will go to UCSF where he will undergo another surgery to repair the urethra/bladder tears.

Matt is determined to recover 100% and return to his unit and continue the job he has been trained to do by the United States Army. Matt’s 20th birthday is July 25 and his current goal is to be able to begin walking by then.

Many people have asked what they could do to support Matt. We have two very important things that we would like to encourage people to do.

1. Since Matt received 9 units of blood during his hospital stay, the family would like to give back to the blood bank The family has set up a Blood Source Donor Club for Matt. His donor club number is 7823.

To find a Blood Source Center near you, please go to www.bloodsource.org or call Stephanie Kresse at
916.453.3039 or email her at

2. Matt’s 20th Birthday is July 25. We would like to appeal to the public to send Matt a birthday card and/or get well card. We need to let this young Hero know that he is supported, in our prayers and that we wish for his speedy recovery!

To send Matt a card:
Matt Maddox
P.O. Box 476
Wallace, CA 95254

Matt’s mother, Suzy Maddox is the Recording Secretary for the Modesto/Central Valley Blue Star Mothers & Families


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