ABC’s of Livingston’s RDA (Redevelopment Agency)

(The following has been taken from pages 106-108 of the City of Livingston FY2009 Budget and has been edited for formatting and content. Given that we have just elected a new Mayor and a couple of new Council Persons, this is an item worth reviewing.

Note: Emphasis in Bold is mine)



The Livingston Redevelopment Agency is a blended component unit of the City of Livingston, although technically it is a separate government unit under California law.


It was established in 1985 pursuant to the Community Redevelopment Law of the California Health and Safety Code to eliminate urban blight and administer the City’s redevelopment activities and projects.


California Redevelopment agencies have the power to:


1.     Plan, develop, redesign, clear, reconstruct or rehabilitate all or part of a redevelopment project area. This includes the construction or reconstruction of

·        public improvements such as streets, curbs, gutters, sidewalks,

·        parks, and community facilities such as libraries, community centers, police and fire substations.


2.     Buy and sell property for redevelopment. Redevelopment agencies under California law have the power of eminent domain and may convey property to other private persons or entities for development and use.


3.     Provide financial assistance for residential, commercial, industrial, public space and structures appropriate or necessary for the public good.


4.     Expand employment opportunities, increase low-and-moderate income housing and provide and environment for social, economic, and psychological growth and well-being of all citizens.


The Agency’s primary source of revenue comes from property “tax increment” within the Redevelopment Project Area. The assessed valuation of all property within the project area is determined on the date of adoption of the Redevelopment Plan. The property taxes related to the incremental increase in assessed values after the adoption of the Redevelopment Plan are allocated to the Agency.


In addition to the property tax increment, other sources of funding for redevelopment agencies include

·        loans and advances from the City’s General Fund,

·        loans or advances from developers or state

·        Federal or local grants and loans.


All Redevelopment Agencies must adopt a Five-Year Implementation Plan within each project area. This plan is essentially the charter of the authorized redevelopment actions within a defined geographic area.


The contents of a redevelopment plan are generally:

1.     Legal description of the project area.

2.     Redevelopment goals and objectives.

3.     Permitted land uses and land use controls.

4.     Permitted means of financing redevelopment actions.

5.     Owner participation opportunities and business reentry preferences.

6.     Authority to buy and sell property.

7.     Identification of proposed public improvements.

8.     Affordable housing requirements.

9.     Supporting actions by the community.

10.  Procedures for amendment.


Redevelopment agencies must set aside 20 percent of the tax increment revenues from the project area in a separate low-and-moderate income Housing Fund to be used for the purpose of increasing, improving and preserving the community’s supply of affordable housing. They must also replace, on a one-for-one basis, any low or moderate income housing destroyed or removed from the project area by redevelopment action.


Members of the City Council automatically sit as the Livingston Redevelopment Agency Board.


The City Manager is the Executive Director and the City staff provides all support services. Currently the Agency meetings are held just before regular City Council meetings.


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