April 18, 2006 City Council Meeting Minutes

If you click on the following link April 18 2006  You will be redirected to a PDF of the April 18, 2006, City of Livingston City Council Meeting Draft Minutes.Scroll down to Item #15 You will see that this was the date the City Council voted to go forward with a grant application re: the Walnut Sports Complex Basketball Courts and picnic area.

According to the grant award documents dated 1/10/07 (and in my possession),  the actual amount of the grant award received was $50,000.


2 thoughts on “April 18, 2006 City Council Meeting Minutes”

    1. I went in to the City and asked about those meetings. I had remembered attending one. I just couldn’t remember the dates.

      Anyway, it seems there were Two. One was in August 2005 and the other was a Continuation of that meeting: held on January 12, 2006. It was a joint City Council and Planning Commission Workshop to recieve public input on what direction the City should take regarding RV parking, temporary carport structures, and front yard cyclone fencing.

      Does that help?

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