This is probably one of those “taking a bite bigger than one can ever chew” things, but I hope to provide a place where folks can go for information about the “goings on” in City Hall.

 A place where one can go to compare “what they said then” to “what they are saying now”. 

 After all, for one reason or another, not everyone who cares about Livingston has the ability to make it to meetings.

 One of my goals it to post current copies of Draft Minutes from City Council meetings just as soon as they are available.

Over the next few weeks, I will be doing some “house keeping”: updating pages, organizing, and “decluttering’. I’ll also be working on getting more of the Draft Minutes from 2008 up as time and energy (mine) permit.

(Someday, I may get even more daring and add something along the lines of  a “Frequently Asked Questions” or “Just Because You Asked” page.)

I am hopeful you will be pleased with the results: once it’s all done J



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