We seem to be entering a never ending “Political Silly Season”.

As Complicated and Regulated as Government is getting, we need Council People that have the wisdom and intellect enough to understand their roll.

And the Desire and Drive enough to READ the stuff in their Agenda Packets.

And the Reading and Comprehensions Skills to interpret what is in their Agenda Packets…..

And the ability to remember what they voted on….. and why they voted that way in the first place.

Currently, this site is “Under Construction” and will be updated as I get the time.

So…in the interest of giving everyone the opportunity to see more of “where we came from” before deciding “where we are going”, there will be links to Meeting Minutes for 2004.

One last thing, except for some formatting changes here and there. I’ll be posting the Minutes Just as I have received them. Typos, blemishes and all…

HOWEVER, if you happen to see something that just looks plain “weird” like “happy faces” or other strange symbols where they obviously don’t belong, its the Blogging Software.  Sometimes it just has a “hiccup” every now and then.

Let me know and I’ll fix it as soon as possible..

Happy Reading

For now here are links to what I have up. Summaries will be added at a later date.


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