JANUARY 9, 2006



JANUARY 9, 2006

The Livingston City Council and Planning Commission met in a Joint Workshop on January 9, 2006, in the City Council Conference Room. The meeting began at 7:04 p.m.


Present were Council Members Friesen, Ingram, Soria, Espinoza (late arrival) and Vierra (late arrival); Planning Commissioners Avila, McFadden, Benafield, Blevins, Alvear; Staff members Kenney and Creighton; and Sara Allinder and Erin Haley representing Pacific Municipal Consultants (PMC).

Ms. Kenney welcomed the people present and provided a brief introduction of the meeting topic, the Master Environmental Impact Report (MEIR).

Ms. Allinder showed a Power Point presentation.

The purpose of the public hearing is to foster the coordination of the various public agencies and members of the public who are reviewing the Notice of Preparation and providing comments. The focused General Plan Update will revise two Elements: Land Use and Urban Growth. In simple terms, it means that the City will need to decide “What gets built where and in what timeframe?” over the next few months.

CEQA mandates these discussions/public hearings. The City is required to look at alternatives to their plan to expand the Sphere of Influence (west, south, and east). One alternative is always a “No Project” alternative. The second alternative is to limit growth to the existing sphere. The third alternative is to develop the existing sphere and lands to the west of the City. The fourth alternative is to develop the existing sphere and lands to the east.

A comment from the public asked about lands to the north. Ms. Allinder stated that could be a fifth alternative, but the City has indicated it has no desire to grow in that direction.

If staff is able to stay on the proposed timeline for the completion of the Master Plans, MEIR, and General Plan Update, the Planning Commission may have a hearing in May 2006 and Council in July 2006.

A comment from the public asked about fiscal impacts. Ms. Allinder stated that’s exactly what the Master Plans are all about, determining if the City can provide services to the new areas and how much it will cost to do so.

Another public comment asked about changes in wind patterns with so many two story houses and increased landscaping. Ms. Allinder indicated wind patterns are not normally reviewed in a CEQA document, but she would look for examples of it.

A comment was also raised concerning traffic on Peach from Washington to Robin, past the school. If the school is required to pave half a street, who is paving the other half so parents can use it? What about truck traffic on Robin past the school? Is that a problem?

Final comments noted concern with lack of a fire station site in this area.

Ms. Allinder stated these concerns would be addressed by the Master Plans for traffic and municipal services.


The meeting closed at 7:35 p.m.


City Clerk of the City of Livingston

APPROVED: January 17, 2006


Mayor or Mayor ProTempore


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