MARCH 15, 2006




MARCH 15, 2006

The Livingston City Council and Planning Commission met in a Joint Workshop on March 15, 2006, in the City Council Conference Room. The meeting began at 4:30 p.m.


Present were Mayor Friesen and Council Members Espinoza, Ingram, Soria, and Vierra; Planning Commissioners Alvear, McFadden, and Benafield; Staff members Warne, Kenney, Creighton, Gottiparthy, and Arredondo; Consultants Sara Allinder and Erin Haley (Pacific Municipal Consultants), Ken Anderson (KD Anderson); and others in the audience.

The PMC Consultants began the presentation that encompassed the following topics:

1. Updates to the Master Plans (due any day), General Plan (in process), and MEIR (the purpose of tonight’s meeting).

2. The Dur Java property, topic of a comment letter on the MEIR’s Notice of Preparation, is located in the 20-30 year land use boundary. To include it in the 20 year Sphere of Influence would require both an update of the project description and a delay in time.

3. The proposed land uses currently getting a project-level analysis under the MEIR are Gallo’s Concept Plan, Ranchwood’s Concept Plan, and Del Valle’s Concept Plan.

4. The City is looking at several types of commercial for the Sultana area: Neighborhood commercial (4 existing, 3 proposed), Community commercial (1 in each quad of the City), and Highway Service commercial (larger areas along the highway).

5. The Sultana area is proposed to have 160 acres of commercial and 150 acres of Light Industrial (which could include an office park use).

Ken Anderson of KD Anderson presented his traffic and circulation information.

1. His model shows new highway crossings at Collier, Hunter, and Dwight.

2. The City’s goal should be a loss of Service level at “D” or higher.

3. Magnolia should be an east-west people route.

4. Westside should be an east-west truck route.

5. City staff maintains Winton Parkway should be 4 lanes to Westside.

6. Without a Washington bridge, B Street would need to carry trucks and be 8 lanes (4 each direction).

Discussion focused on Magnolia vs. Westside as an east-west route. City Manager requested cross-sections of the roads for further review.

Gallo has concerns about time delays.

Discussion followed on agricultural buffer to keep cities from growing together.

Sara Allinder (PMC) estimated completion of MEIR to be October 2006.

It was determined that Council needed time to look at the alternatives and they were not prepared to make any decisions tonight. There are major policy decisions to think through.


The meeting closed at 6:00 p.m.


City Clerk of the City of Livingston

APPROVED: April 4, 2006


Mayor or Mayor ProTempore


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