JUNE 15, 2010 Draft Minutes



JUNE 15, 2010

A Regular Meeting of the Livingston City Council was held on June 15, 2010, in the City Council Chambers with Mayor Varela presiding.


Mayor Varela opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m.


The pledge of allegiance to the flag was recited.


Mayor Daniel Varela, Sr.

Mayor Pro-Tem Frank Vierra

Council Member Rodrigo Espinoza

Council Member Margarita Aguilar

Council Member Martha Nateras


There were no changes to the agenda.


1. Presentation of Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) Budget Presentation Award to City of Livingston for City Budget Year Beginning July 1, 2009.

Mayor Varela stated that the City of Livingston has received the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada (GFOA) Distinguished Budget Presentation Award. He asked City Manager Warne to explain the award.

City Manager Warne stated that the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) of the United States and Canada has established national standards for budget documents. Each year the City of Livingston submits its annual budget document for independent evaluation based on these national standards. The City submitted its annual budget for the period beginning July 1, 2009, to an independent panel. This group has examined the City’s budget document and has decided to award the City of Livingston the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for the fourth year in a row. This award is the highest budget recognition award in the United States. Livingston is on the forefront of excellence in the way it handles its finances and the City’s citizens can have confidence that the City of Livingston is operating its budget and finances in conformance with the highest national professional standards.

Mayor Varela presented the award to Assistant City Manager/Finance Director Vickie Lewis and City Manager Warne and thanked them for doing an outstanding job on the budget.

2. Interviews and Approval of a Resolution Selecting a Skate Park Consultant and Authorizing the City Manager to Enter into an Agreement for the Skate Park Design.

Community Development Director Kenney presented the agenda item and stated the Planning Commission had interviewed four skate park consultants to assist the City in the location and design of the skate park. The Planning Commission selected RJM Design Group and California Skate Park to give a short presentation and be interviewed by the City Council. Staff recommends that the City Council select one of the consultants this evening so that the City can negotiate a final agreement for the project with them.

The presentation by California Skate Park was given by Mr. Scott Rice, Project Manager.

The presentation by RJM Design Group was given by Mr. John Courtney and Mr. Brian Moore, Site Manager.

Mayor Varela opened this agenda item for public comment.

Katherine Schell, P.O. Box 163, Livingston, commented that there is money available for the design of a skate park. It was negotiated several weeks ago as an amendment to a development agreement. The developer wanted to purchase a residential development in bankruptcy and wanted an extension of the original development agreement. The developer agreed as part of the amended development agreement to deposit $100,000 with the City to be used for a skate park. She said if there was anyone out there with the idea floating around in their brain about why we are talking about a skate park when there is no money; it is because there has already been money set aside for it.

Brian DeSilva, no address given, asked the consultants if their company designs and builds the skate park.

John Courtney commented that RJM Design Group would create the engineering drawings and then the project would be open for contractors to bid on the construction of the skate park. The construction of the skate park will be a competitive project. He said his company will go through the contractor’s qualifications to be sure that they are qualified to build the project.

Brian DeSilva clarified that that the consultants would design the skate park. The consultants would put the project out to bid for the construction. He asked if the consultants would ensure that the skate park would be built since many in the audience have been involved in designing skate parks that were never built.

Brian Moore from RJM Design Group stated that the design documents will be put out to bid for construction. He said John Courtney was correct in that his company does pre-qualify the contractors. A company representative will be on site during the entire construction project to be sure that the project is properly built.

Brian DeSilva commented that there are a few skate parks in Merced and Modesto that were built by the city. Brian Moore explained that these skate parks were built by two different designers.

Julio Valadez, P.O. Box 701, Livingston, said that he felt the kids should provide their opinion regarding the best location for the skate park. He said that the consultants have suggested sites in the middle of town. One of them is near where he lives, but he has no objections to it.

Brian DeSilva stated that the skaters do not care where the skate park will be located. They are just glad to get a skate park.

Mayor Varela commented that this is going to be a team effort by skaters and the people in the community. He said this park will not only be created by the designers it will be a park that will be designed by the community.

Council Member Espinoza said the youths are welcome to give their input on the design and location of the skate park. He said there might be two or three different designs that the community and the City Council will need to consider. Eventually, the City Council and the community will have to make a decision. Council Member Espinoza said he knows that the City has $100,000. He asked City Manager Warne if he knew the construction cost of the park.

City Manager Warne explained that the construction cost will depend on the final design and size of the skate park. He said when staff put out the request for proposals (RFP); they proposed a skate park that was 25,000 square feet. It could be less. The design and size of the skate park is going to be determined through a community process. There is enough money to move ahead and do the design and engineering. This is because the City was able to negotiate $1.5 million in financial concessions from a developer who is very interested in acquiring one of the vacant subdivisions that had gone into bankruptcy. He said the $1.5 million dollar package of financial benefits to the City includes $100,000 for the skate park. This $100,000 will pay for the design and engineering of the skate park. City Manager Warne stated that this project is consistent with how the City approaches capital projects. The City designs a project, prepares a plan, and then proceeds to acquire funding. But if you never have a design or a plan, you never get anything built. He said the City is ready to move forward and work with whomever the City Council feels appropriate to design and engineer the project.

Mayor Varela said the skate park is going to be generational. We want Livingston to be known for having a quality skate park. It is important that this message get out to the community. He said our kids should be able to take advantage of this project and proactively involve themselves so that they get something that is good for them and generations to come. Mayor Varela added that we want that “wow and ah” factor for the skate park. We are open to suggestions and want an awesome skate park.

Mayor Pro-Tem Vierra said the presentations from both RJM Design Group and California Skate Park included efforts to search for grants and other monies that might be available. He said the design plans are only the beginning.

Council Member Aguilar thanked both consulting firms and said they did a good job. She thought it was great to have the youth get involved. She suggested they also put a little of Livingston in the design. She felt it was important to be able to pass this on to generation after generation. Council Member Aguilar said she was happy that we are on the right path to getting something done and going green. She said the one thing she liked about RJM Design Group is families coming to the skate park as well as kids. She said we are on the right track and hopefully we will select the best design so the kids can leave after a decision is made.

Council Member Nateras said that she is the City Council liaison on the Planning Commission and was present at the Planning Commission meeting when this item was considered. She had already made up her mind on the consultant because the Planning Commissioners asked some very good questions. Council Member Nateras wanted the youth to know that they can get involved in the project.

Council Member Aguilar thanked RJM Design Group for talking about the sites. It is very important that the citizens know what sites we are talking about tonight. She questioned the Campus Park School lot and felt it was an issue because she knows that Livingston Medical Group is considering building medical offices at the site. She wondered if a skate park would be able to be built around the medical offices. Constructing a skate park there, right across from the high school football field where games will be held, is a good idea.

Mayor Varela thanked both designers for giving a great presentation.

Motion: M/S Vierra/Aguilar to adopt Resolution No. 2010-27, selecting RJM Design Group as the skate park consultant and authorizing the City Manager to enter into a contract with RJM Design Group for the skate park design. The motion carried 5-0 by the following vote:

AYES: Council Members: Aguilar, Espinoza, Nateras, Varela, Vierra

NOES: Council Members: None

ABSENT: Council Members: None


Supervisor John Pedrozo Announcements and Reports.

Juan Corona, Administrative Assistant to Supervisor Pedrozo, reported:

· He has not attended meetings for some time because he had been taking night classes at CSU Stanislaus and was happy to announce that he graduated from CSU Stanislaus with a BA Degree. He thanked the Council for their kindness.

· Reported that Supervisor Pedrozo was in Los Angeles tonight meeting with the chairman of the SJVRC about Amtrak.

· Reported that Merced County is working on its preliminary FY2010-2011 budget.

· Reported that Supervisor Pedrozo is very involved with the high-speed rail and is pushing for a high-speed rail maintenance facility at Castle. He said most of the routes affect Planada and Le Grand.

· Reminded the City Council that next week is the City-County Relations dinner meeting and to contact him at 385-7366 if they need a flier.

Council Member Nateras thanked Supervisor Pedrozo for the donation to the Young Women’s Conference. Mayor Pro-Tem Vierra thanked Supervisor Pedrozo again for the $1,000 contribution to Sober Grad Nite. Mr. Corona noted that he was a three year Sober Grad Nite volunteer and this year would have been his fourth year, but his graduation interfered with his involvement.

City Council Members’ Announcements and Reports.

Council Member Margarita Aguilar

· Thanked Denis and Sue Wells for the Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary annual dinner on June 10. She said it was a really nice crowd. She said it was nice to see the parents and teachers who were present to support the students in writing their essays. They had many awards and more than 315 students who received certificates. She said it was good to see the kids participate.

· Reported that the Fire Department held their Firefighter of the Year dinner.

· Commented on a June 11 article in the Merced Sun-Star regarding the City’s annual fireworks celebration. She wanted to clarify that the comment in the newspaper that “Livingston cancelled the show because of not having enough funds for the event” referred to the citizens and not the City. She also stated that Mike Gallo had pledged $2,000 for the event. He did not send a check. She wanted to make sure that the credit went to those who actually went out and asked for donations which were the citizens and not the City.

Council Member Rodrigo Espinoza

· Commented that he wanted to inform the citizens and residents that work is being done on the park in the Parkside Subdivision. He was told by the City Manager that the landscaping and sod will soon be installed.

· Commented that it was a sad day in Livingston because most people would be going to Atwater for July 4. There was an ad in the newspaper that Livingston cancelled its fireworks show and that Atwater would be hosting most of the people from Livingston at their event. He commented that instead of spending $150,000 in attorney fees we should have had a fireworks show. He wished everyone a happy July 4.

Council Member Martha Nateras

· Council Member Nateras said that for once she agreed with Council Member Espinoza. She thought it was sad about cancelling the July 4 celebration, but noted that it was out of our hands.

Mayor Pro-Tem Frank Vierra

· Mentioned that a couple of residents had brought to his attention that the developer of the Parkside Subdivision is not replacing the asphalt shingle roofs with tile roofs as he promised. The residents said that no one had even approached the residents about the roof change.

Community Development Director Kenney said she received a copy of the letter that was sent out to the residents telling them that their roofs would be replaced. She stated the Parkside Subdivision developers have been to City Hall to talk to the building technician. The developers said that they will begin pulling building permits in about two weeks.

· Stated the League of California Cities held their dinner the same night as the veterans. He said they had a speaker who addressed the legislative situation. He said that there will be a state-wide ballot initiative that will prevent the Governor and the State Legislature from robbing money from the cities. Mayor Pro-Tem Vierra said the dinner speaker indicated four more proposals for taking more money from the cities had been submitted to the State Legislature. All cities just wrote a check to the State from their redevelopment agency funds. He asked for the amount the City gave. City Manager Warne stated that the City sent the State a check for $152,000 from the Redevelopment Agency Special Revenue Fund. Mayor Pro-Tem Vierra said Livingston has one motel in town and the State plans on taking the small amount of transient occupancy tax that we get. He said they are looking at everything and anything that they can take from the cities and the counties. He said we need to vote NO to the State in November for robbing from the citizens of the cities.

· Reported that the June 4 Livingston High School graduation went very well. There were 276 graduates. He said there were close to 260 participants for Sober Grad Nite. This was one of the best turn outs they have had in years. He said this meant those students were not out in the streets running around. The graduates had a good time thanks to the donors that came forward to help fund the event. Mayor Pro-Tem Vierra said they received a lot of donations from outside the City, including from as far away as Modesto and beyond. He said the main thing is that the students that graduated had a good and safe night.

Mayor’s Announcements and Reports.

Mayor Daniel Varela, Sr.

· Reported he would be in Sacramento on Friday attending the League of California Cities Housing and Economic Development Policy Committee. He said that there are proposals to take housing funds from the cities and give them to the State of California. We need to pay attention to this.

· Congratulated the parents and graduates of the eighth grade and Livingston High School. He said these graduates will have a successful future in high school and college. He was able to attend both graduations.

· Stated that he wanted to clarify some things about the July 4 celebration. He said the same article that Council Member Aguilar and Council Member Espinoza quoted also stated that Turlock and Merced cancelled their July 4 celebrations. Atwater’s July 4 event is not funded by the City. It is funded by private citizens that raise money for their annual festivities. Mayor Varela said we regret to inform the public that we will not be having the July 4 celebration this year, but we have great things happening in our community. He said we just selected a skate park design team that is going to start looking at the future for our kids and our community. He said watching the fireworks is a great way to celebrate the birth of our country. Mayor Varela said he received a call from some of our citizens and they asked if they could have a July 4 street party on their street. He suggested they contact the police department so they would know the location of the activity. He thought the fireworks vendors would have good sales and the schools would benefit from the sale of fireworks. Mayor Varela commented that there are many other great things happening in the community.


There were no public hearings scheduled for this meeting.


Vickie Lewis, 1416 C Street, spoke regarding the July 4 donations that were discussed at the last meeting. She wanted to clarify for the record that she provided the City Council and the community with incomplete information. She said that she was sorry. Her review of the City’s general ledger showed that donations for the 4th of July had been posted. Ms. Lewis reported that during the fiscal years beginning in 2000 through 2009, the City received $70,000 in donations from Foster Farms, E&J Gallo, Joseph Gallo, Gallo Cattle and many citizens who made individual donations. She thanked the donors for their generosity and community support and apologized for misstating the contributions. They were and are greatly appreciated.

Julio Valadez, P.O. Box 171, Livingston, commented that the only thing they needed was more time for the July 4 celebration. He thought with more time, the citizens could have accomplished their plan. He felt the citizens should have received more notice instead of waiting until the last minute.

Mr. Valadez asked if the Wal-Mart project was still moving forward. He read an article today in the newspaper regarding the Atwater Wal-Mart Store under construction. He said he received a Wal-Mart interest card in the City utility bill. He sent it in and it was returned saying unknown sender.

City Manager Warne explained that the postcard that was included in the City utility bill came from Wal-Mart and was not something that was provided by the City. All staff did was make a copy of the postcard. He said if there was a problem with the delivery staff would need to contact Wal-Mart. The staff did not change the card. It is Wal-Mart’s card.

Mr. Valadez said that he asked at the May 4 City Council meeting if it was necessary that City Attorney Hobbs be present at every City Council meeting. The Mayor said that it was necessary to have him present. He asked why the City Attorney was not present at the Special City Council meeting. Mayor Varela explained that the special meeting only lasted seven minutes and the only agenda item was the award of a construction contract on a project. In this case, the City Attorney participated in the meeting by telephone.

Community Development Director Kenney said the Wal-Mart postcards came directly from Wal-Mart. She did not know why there was an issue with Wal-Mart’s address. She commented that five or six citizens had come to the Community Development Department with returned postcards. Community Development Director Kenney said she checked with several of her co-workers who have mailed in the cards and their cards did not come back. If the Wal-Mart postcards do come back, please drop them off at City Hall. She has been putting the returned postcards in an envelope and making sure they get to Wal-Mart.

Mayor Pro-Tem Vierra noted that the high school has had similar problems with the U.S. mail. The school has sent a letter to an address right across the street and it gets returned saying “no such person.” He said the mail goes to Stockton to the postal distribution center and he does not know what happens there.

Community Development Director Kenney said she noticed that some people had stapled their postcards and thought that might be unacceptable to the post office. She suggested using tape and folding the cards in half so that the tracking code is on the bottom.

Council Member Nateras said we had a meeting with a representative from River City Communications that represents Wal-Mart and they did say that Wal-Mart is coming to Livingston.

Mr. Valadez said he only asked because his Wal-Mart postcard was returned in the mail.

Theresa Land, 995 Hilltop Drive, stated that if the citizens had been given sufficient time that the fireworks display would be cancelled, she was confident they would have been able to raise the funds. She did not think that it was a lack of trying, but of insufficient notice. She thanked Council Member Aguilar for giving credit where credit was due. Regarding Wal-Mart, Ms. Land said her mother in-law did get her postcard back. The card was folded in half with tape on the sides. She was not sure what was happening.

Luis Flores, 707 Almondwood Drive, gave a friendly reminder that we are 11 weeks away from the recall election happening on August 31.

Mayor Varela asked what the recall election is ultimately going to cost the City.

City Manager Warne stated that the Merced County Elections Department has given the City an estimated cost of $54,000 for their services. In addition, there are other things the City has to pay for such as Livingston’s City Attorney time. He said it was hard to say ultimately what it is going to cost, but it could be $15,000 to $20,000. The Merced County Elections Department will not even tell Livingston what the exact cost will be. City Manager Warne stated there will be a recall election for Mayor on August 31 and then another election for a Mayor on November 2. So there will be an election for Mayor twice within three months.

Mayor Varela stated that there was no logic behind the excitement for the recall election. He said Mr. Flores complained that they did not have enough time to plan the July 4 celebration. But he did not consider that just two months after the recall election, you could have ousted me out.

Council Member Espinoza stated that the recall election may cost the City $54,000, but in the last two months the city attorney has cost the City $150,000. In two months we could have saved $150,000 in attorney fees. He thought this was a lot less than what the election would cost. We are spending too much money. Council Member Espinoza noted the City had spent $2 million in attorney fees fighting with Foster Farms three years ago. He said the City Council is the body that decides to move forward with the law suits and that is why the citizens asked for the recall.

Council Member Aguilar made the following statement in Spanish: “Some of you received a flyer similar to this one and a letter that was included in the water bill. You are being sent this flyer from Wal-Mart for you to say that you want the Wal‑Mart project to come here and they are being returned saying the address is invalid. Therefore, Mrs. Donna Kenney said that if for any reason you get your flyer back, you can bring it to her at the City and she will keep it in an envelope so that when they start to meet to plan for Wal-Mart, your opinion can be considered. That is one of the main things that I wanted to tell you tonight. I don’t know why they did not make them in Spanish or any other language. Something else I want to tell you is what Vickie Lewis, the Director of Finance, said. She talked about the donations that have been received in the last few years from 2002 to 2009 which were $70,000. That is the total of donations made by Foster Farms and other people. So, I want you to know that at the first meeting in June, the City Manager said they had not taken in donations based on his information and then he said that was according to what Vickie said, but she clarified that there have been donations made by our local businesses, so I want you to know this information. And lastly, I want to tell you that the 4th of July fundraiser was an event that our citizens put in force and we were about to get various donations. I want you to know that Foster Farms gave a $10,000 donation. I didn’t have this information until after the last meeting, but we had a total of almost $14,000 pending for this event, so we could have done it. The reason we could not do it is because of the short notice we were given to know that it was not going to be held.”

Council Member Aguilar said that the only thing she added in Spanish that was not expressed in English was the fact that Foster Farms actually did give the citizens the $10,000—which is pending. Atwater does have their July 4 committee. The City Manager did not look for donations for the July 4 fireworks. She thanked those citizens who are behind all this. Mr. Luis Flores has the right to express himself for three minutes. This is what America is about. She thanked Mr. Flores for expressing himself. She is proud that we have that right and when it is taken away, you have lost who you are.

Mayor Varela said he appreciated Council Member Aguilar expressing her right also.

Katherine Schell Rodriguez, P.O. Box 163, stated that when she first started blogging about City Hall in April 2008, information on disk was $25 each and now they are free. A hard copy of draft minutes was $2 for the first page and $.15 per page thereafter. Now you can get a hard copy of the first ten pages of the draft minutes for free, or you can read them online for free on the City’s website. And if you want to read draft minutes for free from 2008, 2009 and 2010 you can go to her web blog and just type in thegardeningsnail into your favorite search engine and she was sure you will have no trouble finding it. Ms. Schell Rodriguez commented that some of the things that you can also find there include the white paper on the medical marijuana dispensaries, excerpts from the grand jury reports going all the way back to 2004, budgets for this and previous fiscal years and lots of pages and summaries of how all our City Council people represented us and how they voted. Ms. Schell Rodriguez stated that just about anything you might want to know about Council persons, past, present, and maybe future is in there. What they said, how they voted, where they went on our behalf and if they have even been the subject of a grand jury investigation. There is enough there to give you a good idea of each Council person’s knowledge, personality and character. She added that if you ever want to compare what they said, then to what they said now, the information is only a few mouse clicks away and you don’t even need to fill out a request form to read the information.

Donna Kenney, 6530 East Avenue, Turlock, said she wanted to make a statement on the July 4 celebration. She has heard several people talk about how the citizens did not have enough time. Words were twisted as to appear that there was some sort of a plot by the City. That is not true. The truth is the City tried to the last minute to make things work and it didn’t work out and we are sorry.


Mayor Pro-Tem Vierra presented the consent calendar items for Council approval:

Council Member Aguilar asked that Item No. 5, Second Reading and Adoption of an Ordinance to Allow Medical Offices/Clinics in a Public Facility (PF) Zoning District with a Conditional Use Permit, be pulled for separate discussion.

3. Resolution No. 2010-28, Approving the Submittal of a Grant Application to the California State Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) for Funding under the 2010 CalHOME Program.

4. Resolution No. 2010-29 for the Acceptance of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Project – Street Rehabilitation 2009, Federal Project No. ESPL- 5256009, Authorizing the City Clerk to Record a Notice of Completion with Merced County and Authorizing the City Manager to Release Performance and Material Bonds and to Make Final Payment of Retention Monies to Granite Construction Company.

5. Waive the Second Reading and Adopt Ordinance No. 587 of the City Council of the City of Livingston to Allow Medical Offices/Clinics in a Public Facility (PF) Zoning District with a Conditional Use Permit.

Council Member Aguilar stated that at the June 1, 2010, meeting it was brought to our attention by Community Development Director Kenney that this was only a text amendment to allow medical offices and clinics in the Public Facility (PF) Zoning District. The Council voted 4-1 to approve the amendment. She asked Community Development Director Kenney if this is one of the sites being considered for the skate board project and would the property have to be rezoned to accommodate a skate park.

Community Development Director Kenney replied that she would have to check the zoning ordinance because this was not a site that was given to the consultants. They suggested the property as a potential skateboard park site on their own. Council Member Aguilar said she believed that in the first packet the City Council received on the skate park this was one of the sites they were looking at. Donna Kenney said that perhaps she was wrong and she would check on this.

City Manager Warne commented that when staff sent out the Request for Proposals (RFP) the City did not designate any particular site for the skate park. He said part of the consultant’s task was to work with the community to determine the most appropriate skate park location. He said as far as this site goes, this is something that the consultants have researched and suggested, and is nothing that came from the City

Community Development Director Kenney mentioned that, as the skate park project moves forward and a site has been selected, she would be reviewing the skate park not only for the correct General Plan and zoning designation, but also for environmental impacts and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requirements.

Council Member Aguilar said that Council Member Nateras said that the medical clinic was going to be located on the property at the corner of Sixth Street and F Street. She asked what would be the future of this site.

Community Development Director Kenney said that she has not received any plans from the Livingston Medical Group. Mayor Pro-Tem Vierra said he knows that the Livingston Medical Group, under the administration of Aurora Garcia, was looking at that site two or three years ago. It has been on their mind for a long time and is not something that just came up.

Motion: M/S Varela/Vierra to waive the second reading and adopt Ordinance No. 587 of the City Council of the City of Livingston to Allow Medical Offices/Clinics in a Public Facility (PF) Zoning District with a Conditional Use Permit. The motion carried 4-1 by the following vote:

AYES: Council Members: Espinoza, Nateras, Varela, Vierra

NOES: Council Members: Aguilar

ABSENT: Council Members: None

6. Waive the Second Reading and Adopt Ordinance No. 589 of the City Council of the City of Livingston to Prohibit Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.

7. Approval of Warrant Register Dated June 9, 2010.

Motion: M/S Vierra/Varela to approve Items 3, 4, 6 and 7 on the consent calendar. The motion carried 5-0.


8. City Manager Announcements and Reports.

City Manager Warne reported that bids for the B Street paving project were opened today. He said the project is asphalt paving from Briarwood Drive to Robin Avenue. The City is in the process of checking the bid documents. This project is funded by Proposition 42 funds and gasoline tax revenues.

City Manager Warne said the project will construct a temporary asphalt sidewalk from Briarwood Drive to Winton Parkway. It also includes the replacement of the damaged curb on F Street where the kids walk from Winton Parkway to the middle school.

Mayor Varela said this project is going to be great. The people will not have to walk in the street, but will have pavement to push their strollers and ride their bikes. He said it is just a temporary sidewalk, but it is the beginning of where we want to go.


The meeting was adjourned by consensus at 9:00 p.m.


City Clerk of the City of Livingston



Mayor or Mayor ProTempore

The written meeting minutes reflect a summary of specific actions taken by the City Council. They do not necessarily reflect all of the comments or dialogue leading up to the action. All meetings are digitally recorded and are an official record of the meeting’s proceedings. Digitally recorded verbatim minutes are available, upon request, and may be obtained at Livingston City Hall.


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