March 16, 2010 Special Meeting

Click here for the March 16 2010 City Council Special Meeting Agenda in PDF


2 thoughts on “March 16, 2010 Special Meeting”

  1. The special Council Meeting on March 16th, called to interview candidates for the Planning Commission was delightful. No drama caused by dissenters, no outbursts or cacophony, just standard City action(yeah!). I so appreciated the quality of the applicants and was glad that I didn’t have to make that difficult choice for only three commissioners. The council did a very good job and I am pleased to be working with these very bright, qualified young men. KG Planning Commissioner

    1. The only controversy was whether or not to televise the proceedings and we all got out of there well before midnight! The lack of major drama was a delightful change of pace. 🙂

      I am very much looking forward to “Tweeting” from the next Planning Commission meeting. We’ll see which members of “the public” decide to show up. 🙂

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