APRIL 19, 2010


APRIL 19, 2010

The monthly of the Court Theater Committee was called to order by Chairperson JoAnn Mires on Monday, April 19, 2010 at 5:03 p.m. in the Livingston City Council Chambers

Minutes – A motion was made by Barbara Edkin and seconded by Kaye Greeley to approve the March 22, 2010 minutes. Motion passed.

Treasury Report – No Treasury report was given.

It was requested that the statements be mailed to Scott instead of City Hall. JoAnn, Scott, and Jan will need to go by the bank and complete new signatures cards.

Court Theater Project Update

Ÿ JoAnn met with Richard Warne and Mayor Daniel Varela for updates on the theater. JoAnn was invited to meet with Congressman Dennis Cardoza as well. Congressman Cardoza mentioned there was not much funds available through the Federal government.

Ÿ Richard Warned was asked to get with the architectures to re-evaluate the cost of each phase and what could be built for $1 million. The committee thought the community needs to see something visual that process is being made.

Ÿ Diann Benafield stated the original design had the top of the line high tech features and asked if the committee should go back and down grade to a basic building. Richard stated the best way is to do a substitution instead of having the architectures to re-do the plans. Substitution will be less costly.

Ÿ Another question for the architectures was do the building on the side of the theater need to be built at the same time or can the sides be built as a later date.

Ÿ It was suggested that the committee contact the other state officials (Pedroza and Dunham) and arrange meetings with them. JoAnn will contact Pedroza for a meeting.


Wine and Cheese Affair Update:

Ÿ The Wine and Cheese Event was canceled after contacting several committee members for a ticket count. Very few tickets were sold. Also there were several fund raisers happening at the same time. It was stated that several community members were unhappy due to the cancellation. Plans will be made to have it next year.

Ÿ An article in the paper covered the cancellation fairly well, but had some inaccuracy. It was suggested that in the future at least two members meet with any reporters to make the article reflects correctly.

Ÿ Announcements for next year’s Wine & Cheese will start in January with monthly updates.

Ÿ JoAnn moved to reimburse Diann for the license. Diann declined the offer.


Afternoon Tea

Ÿ The Afternoon Tea Lunch is scheduled for Saturday, September 18 from 11 am to 1 pm.

Ÿ Tickets will be $15

Ÿ Members can start talking about the date and have friends save the date.

Ÿ JoAnn has a call into the high school band to provided entertainment.

Bunco Bash

Ÿ The 2nd Annual Bunco Bash is scheduled for Saturday, February 5, 2011.

Ÿ Jan will check on the availability of the Veterans Hall.


Jasmin should be back next month. It was recommended to have a small welcome back party.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:33p.m.. The next meeting will be held on Monday, May 17, 2010, at 5:00 pm.

Respectively submitted,

Jan Purganan

Present: JoAnn Mires, Jan Purganan, Marge McFadden, Kaye Greeley, Richard Warne, Scott Kenoyer, Barbara Edkin, Diann Benafield


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