Change of Utility Rate Study Consultant Discussion

Per Jose Antonio Ramirez: City Manager, City of Livingston: December 06, 2011 City Council Meeting

The following was in response to a question about what is going on with the Utility Rate Study process because we were supposed to have had public meetings on this already: asked at the December 13, 2011 City Council

This is a transcription of the answer given that night.

If you want to check the source document: go to the City’s Website and view the video for the meeting. It’s about 29:00 minutes in.

If you any transcription error that would impact the meaning of what was said that night, let me know and I’ll fix it.

Begin Transcription

”I came on board on August 1st of this year and we’ve had three different discussions with, or three different meetings with our consultant (Bartle) Wells and as we met there was some information that we as staff were not very comfortable with, and we felt that it was prudent for us to end the contract.

And so we ended the contract a couple of weeks ago, and we’re currently, we sent out an RFP and that RFP is going to come to council with a Recommendation of a new Rate Consultant as it relates to that.

And in addition to that, with the 9 million dollars, we only received (it)..about 2 months ago and so we are analyzing everything currently right now.

We have an RFP that’s actually out as well and will be coming to council with a recommendation of hiring a consultant to address and look at the feasibility as it relates to a centralized verses non-centralized water distribution system, water treatment system, and so we’re analyzing all of that because this is a great juncture where we can look at everything and make sure that were gonna be taking very solid steps into the future.

The “what is next” is as soon as we have a new consultant on board for rate studies, then we’re gonna resume the Stake Holder meeting and so we can have solid information and have those dialogues that was promised in the past.

That’s kinda where we’re at right now.

And we’re expected to move fairly quickly on this”

End Transcription



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