STAFF REPORT: Contract: Carollo Eng- Environmental Assmt – Blueberry Crossing

Legal Disclaimer for purposes of “legal disclamerness”: This page was produced by taking an original PDF Image file and running it through a program that converted the image into text. After that, the Text File was bounced through some Blogging Software before finally ending up in my blog and then on your computer screen.

Therefore, I would not be surprised if there are a fair amount of glitches, gaffes, gremlins, and goof ups.

The purpose of this page is to give you an idea of what it going on. I’m not promising it’s perfect (software, remember?). Soooooooooo before you go “flaming” about screw-ups by City Staff, either go look at the original on the City’s Website or trot your self downtown and read the “paper version” at City Hall. 

With that in mind, on to the….


AGENDA ITEM: Resolution Authorizing the Acting City Manager to Enter Into a Contract with Carollo Engineers for Environmental Assessment Work on the Blueberry Crossing Commercial Project

MEETING DATE: January 4, 2011

PREPARED BY: Donna M. Kenney, Community Development Director

REVIEWED BY: Victoria Lewis, Acting City Manager


Adopt Resolution 2011-_, authorizing the Acting City Manager to enter into a contract with Carollo Engineers for environmental assessment work on the Blueberry Crossing Commercial Project.


Blueberry Crossing Commercial Project requirements include the preparation of an environmental impact report (EIR) to evaluate the potential environmental impacts associated with the development of a 33 acre project site with up to 317,747 square feet of commercial use, including a 162,797 square foot super big box retail store. Phil Martin and Associates had almost completed the public draft of the EIR when the proposed tenant for the big box site selected an alternative site to build on and the EIR has been in revision to remove the name of that tenant from the documents. This analysis process so far has included the preparation and publishing of all legal notices, the coordination of a public scoping meeting, the drafting and review of the Notice of Preparation/Initial Study, and the Administrative Draft EJR. The process has identified clarifications that are needed from Carollo Engineers to complete the Public Draft EIR. Besides the necessary clarifications, future document preparation includes the Final EIR, Notice of Completion, State Clearinghouse documents, and Notice of Determination by Phil Martin.


None to the City – approximately $5,000.00 additional reimbursement by Amrit Sra /Blueberry Crossing LLC.


Resolution 2011-

Exhibit A – Proposal for Services


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