Proposal for Engineering Service to Provide Respose To Comments: City of Livingston Blueberry Crossing Project

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With that in mind, on to the

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December 20, 2010

City of Livingston

1416 ‘C’ Street

Livingston, California 95334

Attention: Mr. Nanda Gottiparthy, City Engineer

Subject: Proposal for Engineering Service to Provide Responses to Comments Regarding the Water Distribution System and Sewer Collection System Components of the City of Livingston Blueberry Crossing Project ADEIR

Dear Mr. Gottiparthy:

In accordance with your request and email correspondence, we are pleased to submit this letter proposal for Engineering Services to provide responses to comments regarding the water distribution system and sewer collection system components of the City of Livingston Blueberry Crossing Project (Project) Administrative Draft Environmental Impact Report (ADEIR). The Project is generally described as a 33-acre site near Campbell Boulevard, Dwight Way, and Highway 99. The Project will include a hotel, retail shops, and a conference center.

In 2007, Carollo Engineers, Inc. (Carollo) conducted a hydraulic analysis to determine the impact of the proposed Project on the existing collection system and water distribution system, and to determine if the improvements proposed in the final 2007 water and wastewater master plans required any increase to serve the project. The results of this analysis were incorporated into the ADEIR.

Review Comments to the City of Livingston Blueberry Crossing Project ADEIR and Prepare Letter Report with Responses

Carollo will review the comments regarding the water distribution system and sewer collection system components of the Project’s ADEIR dated June 8, 2010 and provide responses in a letter report. This task assumes that additional system analysis will not be required and only clarification will be needed.

Schedule and Fee

The estimated completion date of these tasks is two weeks from notice to proceed. As consideration for providing the services referenced in this letter, the City shall pay ENGINEER in accordance with Carollo’s applicable fee schedule at the time the services are provided. The current schedule dated March 2010 is attached hereto; said schedule to be updated periodically. A budget estimate of five thousand dollars ($5,000) is here by established for Carollo’s services unless amended by scope of work or schedule changes.


Mr. Nanda Gottiparthy
City of Livingston

December 20, 2010
Page 2

Should you need additional information, or have questions regarding this proposal, please do not hesitate to call us. If you agree with this proposal, please sign and return one copy for our files.



David L. Stringfield, P.E.

Partner Authorized Signature

s __


eci, P.E.





As of March 1, 2010

Hourly Rate


Assistant Professional $134.00

Professional 165.00

Project Professional 197.00

Lead Project Professional 213.00

Senior Professional 234.00

Senior Process Specialist 315.00


Technicians 100.00

Senior Technicians 142.00

Support Staff

Document Processing / Clerical 90.00

Project Equipment Communication Expense 9.00

(PECE) Per DL Hour

Other Direct Expenses

Travel and Subsistence at cost

Mileage IRS Reimbursement Rate

Subconsultant cost + 10%

Other Direct Cost cost + 10%

Expert Witness Rate x 2.0

This fee schedule is subject to annual revisi ons due to labor adjustments .

pw:RCarollo/DocumentslCarollo Inlemal ProjectslKMANUAUiab 1 OwnerIFEEIStandard/CA (C)


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