STAFF REPORT: Review Title 4, Chapter 2, Signage Regulations


AGENDA ITEM: Review Title 4, Chapter 2, Signage Regulations of the Livingston Municipal Code and Provide Staff Direction.

MEETING DATE: March 15, 2011

PREPARED BY: Donna M. Kenney, Community Development Director

REVIEWED BY: Victoria Lewis, Interim City Manager


Review Title 4, Chapter 2, Sign Regulations of the Livingston Municipal Code and provide staff direction.


Several business owners have approached the City looking to increase the amount of signage allowed for their businesses in their zoning districts. Please find attached a copy of Livingston Municipal Code (LMC) Title 4, Chapter 2, for your review and consideration.

Sections of the Sign Regulations that have been brought to staff’s attention include:

  1. 4-2-3 Definitions: There is no definition or permit process for a mural. Extensive First Amendment research by the City Attorney’s office is required.
  2. 4-2-3 Definitions: For the purpose of signs, define right-of-way as ten feet (10’).
  3. 4-2-4 B, D & J, Prohibited Signs: Business owners have inquired about animated sign dancers, portable A-Frame signs, and off-site signs, all signs that are currently prohibited.
  4. 4-2-7 D 1 d & e, Grand Opening and Special Event Signs: Citizens don’t take down their signs at deadline nor do they always pick up their deposits. Some buildings have narrow street frontages and many industrial suites. It may not be possible to have a Special Event banner at least 75 feet from another sign.
  5. 4-2-7 D 2, Grand Opening and Special Event Signs: SR 99 and ramp work has been completed for a few years.
  6. 4-2-8-2 b 4, Commercial Zone Districts: There is no Downtown Merchants Committee to refer signage to for a second evaluation.
  7. 4-2-8-3 D 2, Industrial Zone Districts, Multi-Occupant Complex: Some industrial roll-up doors are larger than others and do not have the room above to install a 2” x 10’ sign.
  8. 4-2-9, Freeway Oriented Signs: A business owner has asked for a freeway oriented sign on property he owns but is vacant. His business is over 500 feet from the freeway.
  9. 4-2-10-1 D, Service Station Signs: Only gas prices, state and federal information, and credit card information is permitted on gas price signs, but most of the stations in the City have added milk, cigarette or other advertising to the gas signs and light poles.
  10. 4-2-10-2, New and Used Vehicle Dealership Signs: Although alerted that such signage is not permitted or is not permitted without a permit or Conditional Use Permit, many dealers in the City have installed larger signs, extra signs, temporary signs, signs in incorrect locations, and flags.
  11. 4-2-12, Amortization: This section should be updated as the signs needing to be amortized should either have been removed already or they are in noncompliance.
  12. 4-2-15 Sign Permit Application Information: Remove statement concerning no fee.


Direction to staff is not a “Project” and does not require analysis pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). 




1. LMC 4-2, Sign Regulations


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