April 18, 2011 Draft Minutes



APRIL 18, 2011

A meeting of the Livingston Court Theater Committee was called to order by Chairperson, JoAnn Mires on Monday, April 21, 2011 at 5:01pm in the Livingston City Council Chambers.

Minutes: ­

A motion was made by Marge McFadden and seconded by Barbara Edkin to approve the March 21, 2011 minutes as corrected. Motion passed.

Treasury Report:

Savings – Beginning Balance – $23,448.40

Interest $ 5.78

Ending Balance 3/31/11 – $23,454.18

Checking – Beginning Balance $4,478.39

Interest – $ .19

Ending Balance $4,478.58


Court Theater Project Update:

JoAnn Mires reported on the meeting with Vickie Lewis, Interim City Manager, Councilman Gurpal Samra, and Jasmin Bains during which suggestions were made for a Resolution for the Livingston Court Theater Project. The city representatives will present a draft of the Resolution at the next Livingston Court Theater Project meeting.

The draft of a Resolution for the Livingston Court Theater Project was presented to the Committee for review and approval. Barbara Edkin moved and Marge McFadden seconded that the Resolution for the Livingston Court Theater Project be placed on the Livingston City Council agenda as soon as possible. Motion passed. Councilman Gurpal Samara said he would take care of it.

Finding Funding for the Court Theater Project:

Diann Benafield asked if someone was interested in investing in the Project, what would be the first step. Vickie Lewis, Interim City Manager said that the first step would be to get together with the City for discussion.

Garden Tea Party

The tea is on schedule for Sept.17. Members were encouraged to start bringing raffles prizes to the meetings.


Mike McGuire asked if the Merced Union High School District had plans for building a theater at Livingston High School. Diann reported a theater was in the third phase of the building plan. Most likely it will not be built.

JoAnn thanked Mike and Warren for attending the meeting.

It was recommended to keep $1,000 in checking and move the balance into savings if there were no penalties. Scott will check with the Bank. Barbara Edkin moved to transfer all but $1,000 into Savings if there were no penalties.. Marge McFadden seconded. Motion passed.

Jan Purganan moved and Barbara Edkin seconded to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed. The meeting was adjourned at 5:28 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Jan Purganan



Jan Purganan, JoAnn Mires, Michael McGuire, Councilman Gurpal Samra, Diann Benafield, Victoria Lewis, Marge McFadden, Barbara Edkin, Warren Urnberg, Jasmin Bains, and Scott Kenoyer


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