March 24, 2011 Draft Minutes





March 24, 2011

A Regular Meeting of the Livingston Parks and Recreation Commission was held in the City Council Chambers on March 24, 2011.


The meeting was called to order at 7:06 p.m. by Commission Chair David Blevins


The pledge of allegiance to the flag was recited.


Present were Commissioner Ricardo Soria, Commissioner Joy Peterson, Chair David Blevins, Vice-Chair Hector Becerra, Commissioner Manuel Cota, Commissioner Oscar Trejo, Commissioner Julio Valadez, City Council Liaison Margarita Aguilar and Recreation Superintendent Jacquie Benoit.


The Minutes of the Regular Meeting of February 24, 2011, as amended (ending time of

February meeting) were approved by consensus.




Recreation Superintendent Benoit provided an update of the proposed Livingston Bike Route and bike paths.


The following overview of current parks was given by Recreation Superintendent Benoit:

Joseph Gallo Park, 4.5 acres with a walking program that is being developed.

Arakelian Park has been approved for a Skate Park and site for a Spray Park for kids.

– Commissioner Trejo was not clear on what a Spray Park was. Ms. Benoit gave a brief explanation

– Funding pending for above-mentioned projects and covered shelter

Sports Complex (Max Foster Memorial Park) is 25.6 acres with walking program being developed.

– Two (2) picnic shelters have been approved

– Funds pending for tennis courts

– Construction is ready for complex

Walnut Child Development Center – Joint use agreement with LUSD.

– Currently being used for Karate and Ballet

– Also, any upcoming classes

Lil Guys & Gals Field – Clean Air and Water Grant of 2001 was used for the upgrade.

– Lot next to Lil Guys & Gals fields has dirt pile and suggestions wanted for use

– Playground for little kids to go there and use

LHS (Livingston High School) Pool – Joint use with the high school for the summer months.

LUSD – Livingston Union School District.

– Campus Park multipurpose room used for training

– Livingston Community Center (LCC) used for City Youth Basketball, clown school, coach appreciation banquet

– Livingston Middle School (LMS) used for City Youth Basketball and multi- purpose activities

– Yamato Colony School used for City Youth Basketball


Commissioner Manuel Cota – Asked why can’t we push baseball season up due to rain? (Jacquie Benoit – Because other activities are in progress). Commissioner Cota – Suggested lowering fees to play sports, doing fundraisers to raise money for the kids to help lower the cost of playing sports. . . Would like a breakdown of everything to see an overview of costs. Commissioner Cota – Would like to have a special fund set-up for kids that don’t have the money to play. (Jacquie Benoit –How would we decide who would get that?) Ask the Knights of Columbus to help with grassing the fields and diamonds and would like each Commissioner to help by asking for help with projects. (Jacquie Benoit – Emails are sent out to the City staff and community members asking for sponsorship for a child in need). Commissioner Cota – Concerned about basketball hoops at Community Center.

Commissioner Joy Peterson – Finish current projects before starting new ones and citizens were asking about current projects that were supposed to be being worked on.

Commissioner Julio Valadez – Not clear on what the unfinished business is. Wanted to know what their roles as Commissioners are. The kite festival (Jacquie Benoit – The committee is set up to help with current projects and to help see these projects through). Commissioner Valadez – Wanted to see if the City does help kids that need money to play – Would like to know what the Recreation Commissioners should have? (Jacquie Benoit – Goals).

Commissioner Oscar Trejo Sr. – Wanted to know how hard it is to have staff mark the field once it is chalked to be used for practice. (Jacquie Benoit – Funding would not allow for the cost and the field is in constant use and that is why there is no practice there). Commissioner Trejo – I would like to know what procedure the City Council expects from us.

Commission Vice-Chair Hector Becerra – Moving backstop to Lil Guys field.

Commission Chair David Blevins – To use PF Zone with permission.

Commissioner Ricardo Soria – For the fields’ full utilization is to grass the field and use manpower to set the sod. To start with small projects first and the Commissioners asking local businesses for donations.


Recreation Superintendent Jacquie Benoit – Spoke to each Commissioner on the above items and would like each of them to work on their goals – What do they as a Commission see as important?

City Council Liaison – Margarita Aguilar – That at our next meeting have a goal setting workshop with the top five (5) projects, talk about expenditures, learn our rights and duties, discuss special account for needy kids and finding sponsors. Commissioners need to elaborate more on their ideas.


Kite Festival

Disadvantage kids

Start with small projects first


The next Regular Meeting will be held on April 28, 2011, at 7:00 p.m.


The meeting was adjourned by consensus at 8:23 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by: Joy Peterson, Secretary


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