What Are We Going to Do About Watering Days: January 03, 2011

From the Public Comment Portion of the January 03, 2011 City Council Meeting

This is a Word for Word Transcript of comments relating to Watering Days. Beginning @ appx 1:05:55.If you happen to watch the video yourself and notice a major discrepancy, please let me know and I get it corrected. We begin with the Public Comment by Warren Urnberg. 

Warren Urnberg: …..It’s that time of year again and I’ve been bringing up every year about going to watering days. And watching the news this evening, Channel 3 out of Sacramento, they took their survey up there in the mountains and it was not good.

And I think again you need to look real hard to go back to watering days. It didn’t hurt us before and we still had green grass: but it’s not looking good.

Mayor Espinoza: Thank you sir. In light of no water all the last month, I think we’ll probably put it on the Agenda if the Council wants to consider doing Water Days. We used to have it a few years ago and I don’t remember what happened. I know they just took it away. And I think that was a good thing in my opinion. So we’ll probably see it again on the agenda in the future.

Council Person Samra: Mr. Mayor, I’m not sure but I don’t think council ever rescinded Watering Days. I don’t recall. I might be wrong. I think we’re just not enforcing it. Did we officially rescind it?

Mayor Espinoza: I’m not aware – you’ve been here longer than me. So I know that when I came in they rescinded it.

Council Person Samra: We officially rescinded it? (Inaudible) They rescinded it. OK – then that’s something we definitely need to look towards.

Mayor Espinoza: Well hopefully, you know, hopefully it will be put on the agenda and discuss it and do some more research. If we can, Mr. City Manager, do a little more info to make sure the City rescinded it and if he wants, come back and put it on the Agenda in the future.


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