MAY 15, 2012 Draft Minutes





MAY 15, 2012

A Closed Session/Regular Meeting of the Livingston City Council was held on May 15, 2012, in the City Council Chambers with Mayor Espinoza presiding.


Mayor Espinoza called the meeting to order at 5:31 p.m.


Mayor Rodrigo Espinoza

Mayor Pro-Tem Margarita Aguilar

Council Member Frank Vierra

Council Member Theresa Land

Council Member Gurpal Samra

Mayor Espinoza opened the meeting for public comments. There were no comments from the public. The Council subsequently adjourned to Closed Session at 5:32 p.m. to discuss the following matters:

1. Public Employee Performance Evaluation

(Government Code Section 54957)

Title: City Attorney

2. Public Employee Performance Evaluation

(Government Code Section 54957

Title: City Manager

3. Conference with Legal Counsel—Potential Litigation

[(Government Code Section 54956.9(b)(1)]

Number of Cases: 1

4. Conference with Labor Negotiator

(Government Code Section 54957.6)

Agency Negotiator: City Manager Jose Antonio Ramirez

Employee Organizations: All Represented City Employees


The Council came out of Closed Session to begin the Regular Meeting.



Mayor Espinoza called the meeting to order at 7:09 p.m.


The pledge of allegiance to the flag was recited.


Mayor Rodrigo Espinoza

Mayor Pro-Tem Margarita Aguilar

Council Member Frank Vierra

Council Member Theresa Land

Council Member Gurpal Samra


City Attorney Sanchez announced that the Council was not able to finish all the items, therefore, they will be continued until the next meeting.




1. Presentation and Swearing in of the Livingston Police Department Explorer Post by Chief Ruben Chavez, Sergeant Ray Fong, Officer Zeus Baldevia and Officer Richard Macchia, Livingston Police Department.

Police Chief Chavez presented the items and recognized Sergeant Fong and Officers Baldevia and Macchia for their efforts.


The Council took a brief recess at 7:27 p.m. and resumed the meeting at 7:39 p.m.




Supervisor John Pedrozo Announcements and Reports.


City Staff Announcements and Reports.

Police Chief Chavez announced the “Click it or Ticket” event May 21 – June 3 and gave an update on the Safety Fair. He also announced the Bicycle Rodeo set for May 19 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Selma Herndon Elementary School.

Council Member Land asked if there was an age limit.

Chief Chavez responded that anyone below the age of 18 can win a helmet.

Mayor Espinoza added that Supervisor Pedrozo said he was donating an extra bike for the rodeo.

Chief Chavez provided an update on the burglary action plan.

Community Development Director Kenney gave an update on weed abatement which is in full swing. Not only is the City Building Inspector looking at weedy lots, County Fire is as well. The City-wide yard sale is scheduled for this Saturday and Sunday. Location maps will be ready on Friday. There will be a total of 35 different yard sales in the City.

Staff is making progress on the revised General Plan Update with the City Attorney’s office. She just met with the Farm Bureau to reach out to them and to show them what we have been working on. She had contact with Merced County Planning as well, but has not been able to meet due to their busy schedule. She mentioned that the street signs have been ordered for North Main Street. She put a memo in the Council’s mail boxes regarding staff’s visit to UC, Santa Cruz.

Mayor Espinoza asked if people can still apply for the yard sale.

Director Kenney responded that Davis Ruiz is working on the map tomorrow so we have to draw the line and say no. She added if residents would like to pull a regular yard sale permit, City Hall staff could help them with that.

City Manager Ramirez asked Director Kenney to give an update on the Abraham parcels.

Director Kenney contacted KD Anderson to see what the process would be and how difficult it would be to remove the proposed collector street running parallel between SR 99 and the Abraham parcels that is on the circulation master plan map.

He reminded her that the same map is also in the 2025 General Plan; the circulation map is the only map that is carried over into the General Plan Update. In order to remove the road from our circulation master plan we would have to remove it from the general plan as well.

Mr. Abraham needs a General Plan Amendment and a Circulation Master Plan Amendment. Analysis would have to be done to determine the effect on the streets nearby that would carry the load if the collector were removed.

City Engineer Gottiparthy gave an update on the picnic shelter at the sports complex. Regarding Well #16, he said the pilot study is completed and we have the report and have notified the media that it is likely to be more cost effective. Also, in regards to Well #8 the preliminary design report comments have been sent back to the consultant. There is a delay in the design process and he has talked to the consultant to identify the cause for the delay. So far the site layout has been completed, right of way maps prepared, the appraisal report for the project has been completed and we have secured approval from Foster Farms for the land area.

He added that there was a question on the status of Wells #7 and #10; the wells have been disconnected from the City’s network and have not been used for several years, but have not been abandoned. The City will act on the wells once a feasibility study is completed.

Pertaining to the water conservation plant staff is planning on presenting the current plan and seeking input at the next stakeholders meeting on May 31. Regarding the Phase II waterline projects, he issued a notice to proceed to the contractor. He also provided an update on pavement rehabilitation projects on various streets.

Council Member Vierra asked if Second Street will get ground and paved with a 2”overlay.

City Engineer Gottiparthy responded yes and explained further. He provided an update on a meeting with MID regarding replacing the bridge near Bird Street; looking for an easement to connect a pipeline to the current canal. The requirements were discussed. Some segments of the street are pretty bad and staff plans to bring the easement back to City Council for final approval.

Brief discussion followed.

Assistant City Manager/Finance Director Ortiz gave an update on the Livingston Oversight Board, former redevelopment agency, made up of five members. The Board met today at 4:00 p.m. and they adopted the ROPS that was presented to the Council and the County.

City Manager Announcements and Reports

Thanked Police Chief Chavez and the Explorers for the Safety Fair; next year it will be bigger and better. Staff has been working with developers for a potential Motel 6. He addressed the Underground Utility District, Rule 20A. The City gets a certain amount of money from PG&E so we can underground these overhead poles we have in town, but the County does too. He became aware that they have about $20 million and we are going to ask for funding from the County to address those areas where there is a dual use between County and Livingston residents. He announced that we are doing a bit of enforcement on vendors.

Mayor Espinoza asked if this is the church.

Director Kenney gave copies of code sections to vendors who were parked in front of churches and schools.

Mayor Espinoza added that sometimes they ask him and he tells them about the code if they are on the side of road.

Director Kenney gave an explanation of itinerant vendor.

Council Member Land noted that she too has had citizens come up to her regarding selling in front of the church or school; she personally does not like it. She would just go up to them politely and ask them to move.

Council Member Vierra asked what the rule is on flowers because we have two flower shops in town and they follow everything that we want them to do. Then we have these flower vendors that under sell them.

Director Kenney stated that she spoke with two flower vendors, one had come into City Hall and obtained an itinerant vendor permit.

City Manager Ramirez added that there has been a problem with the video and audio with the meetings. Quick PC Support Systems has been working with staff and they are sure it is a Charter issue; we have been calling Charter constantly. He has been invited to be on a panel on September 14, 2012 at Merced College; the topic is the importance of buying local. Lots going on with the County regarding green waste and what does it mean to residents. We just received sweet potato tickets for the carnival; selling tickets and looking at businesses who want to help sell tickets. He met with all the growers and they want to help.

City Council Members’ Announcements and Reports.

Council Member Vierra thanked Chief Chavez again for the Explorer program. The trucks that have been being stored disappeared and he thanked Chief again.

Council Member Land acknowledged all the active duty military personnel in honor of Armed Forces Day this Saturday, May 19. She especially noted a few from our community, Eric Ledford, Chris Backers, Emilio Granado, Bennie Aguilar just to mention a few. She announced that Livingston Middle School graduation is on Tuesday, June 5 at 7 p.m., the last day of school.

Council Member Vierra reminded everyone that the Livingston High School graduation is June 1 .

Council Member Samra commented on the safety fair and the great work put into the event.

Mayor Pro-Tem Aguilar relayed that the 4th of July Committee meetings are twice a month now, the first and third Mondays of the month at 7 p.m.; they are still looking for members and donations. She thanked Chief Chavez for stopping by Campus Park School and noted the kids are so into the Police Department. She also thanked Jacquie Benoit for the art in the Council Chambers provided by Campus Park students.

Mayor’s Announcements and Reports.

Mayor Espinoza commented that this was his first time golfing and it was a lot of fun. He requested to put the restricted watering days on an agenda in the future for discussion. He also mentioned that he has not seen any flushing of hydrants lately and asked the City Manager to check into it.

City Manager Ramirez responded that he did check with staff and the program will be continuing.

Mayor Espinoza stated that he is still getting calls from the west side of town. He announced that the last Wednesday of the month is the neighborhood visit and it will be good to be out and talk to the residents.




Warren Urnberg, 1331 Eighth Street stated that he was awakened about 11 p.m. and his son was washing clothes and everything was brown and he knew what to do, flush the lines. He notified Public Works the following day. They did ask him about the quality of his water now and he responded that it was clear. He asked for clarification on the main water tank.

City Manager Ramirez stated that when it is after hours, the calls come into the Police Department and for an on-call person. And the second question there is a combination of different things; we have the second phase of the water distribution lines that are going to be replaced. He is not familiar with the entire lines, but we probably have a combination of cast iron, asbestos pipes and clay pipes so we are working at changing out a lot of lines because of how old they are. He added that we have 1-2% chlorine residual in our water lines and with the older lines there is contact and then you have the exercising of the valves.

Mr. Urnberg added information about that million gallon tank built many years ago. He doesn’t believe it is in the loop system and it was being stored for 3 months or so and is it being stored now.

City Manager Ramirez gave an explanation.

Mayor Espinoza added that the stakeholders committee is addressing it.

Mr. Urnberg stated he was just trying to get clarification.

Marcos Pernas, 432 First Street (in Spanish) stated last Sunday he was selling flowers on Main Street at about 9:00 a.m. when he saw a car drive up. He had a sign in front of his stand and Mrs. Donna took it down. He asked her what was the problem and she told him she was removing all the illegal signs in the City. He informed her that he had a permit. When she told Mr. Pernas she was removing the signs, she said it in a rude and mean way as if she was angry. He showed Donna his permit. She said, “Okay, but you don’t have a sign permit.” He then told her nobody at City Hall ever told him he needed to have a sign permit. He had another sign on a utility pole nearby and when she was leaving, she also pulled that one out very rudely. She seemed furious. This incident made him very angry. She made him feel belittled, insignificant, like garbage. She behaved in a despotic way. At that moment, Mr. Pernas felt she was being racist towards him. He felt very bad. He has had open heart surgery, so people can just imagine how he felt. He immediately called his wife because he did not feel well. So Donna went back to her car and filled out a paper.

City Attorney Sanchez interrupted Mr. Pernas and said (in Spanish) that his three minutes were up. He only gets three minutes to speak.

Mayor Espinoza informed Mr. Pernas (in Spanish) that he only gets three minutes to speak and added City Attorney Sanchez would translate what he said.

City Attorney Sanchez addressed Mr. Pernas (in Spanish) and said the City Council cannot handle this matter. The City Manager has to look at it first, so the Council is not making a decision on this item at this time. The City Manager will investigate it further because it involves a City employee. He added that these types of complaints also get reviewed by the City’s risk management insurance.

Mayor Espinoza explained (in English and Spanish) that any complaint made against a City employee has to be looked at by the City Manager, not by the City Council.

City Attorney Sanchez stated he informed Mr. Pernas that because his complaint deals with personnel and because it is an official claim form, the City Manager has to look at it and also the City’s risk management insurance.

City Attorney Sanchez translated Mr. Pernas’ statement into English.

City Attorney Sanchez recommended to the Council no discussion of this item because of the topic.

Mayor Espinoza thanked Mr. Pernas (in Spanish) for his comments and said this will be investigated and added that the City Council cannot comment on this item.

City Manager Ramirez informed Mr. Pernas (in Spanish) that he will review the claim and will keep in touch with him.

Katherine Schell Rodriquez, P.O. Box 163 was happy to hear that neighborhood visits will be on the horizon. She imagined that since an urgency item was added to closed session and was not mentioned as having to do with today’s agenda that was published and it was added at a late moment that the public still has a right to comment.

She stated that this urgency item for approval of the Director of Public Works job description, call her a cynic if you will, but she can’t help to note the timing of certain agenda items when they appear on agendas and when they don’t. It has been how many years since Paul Creighton left the City and how many years has Kathryn Reyes taken on those extra duties? And how many years has it taken to do something about it and it has only been how many days since Kathryn Reyes left to take the Public Works Director job in Gustine.

Her first question is two fold; why in the heck did it take so long to finally get around to this and why does it seem to take the loss of a key employee before you did so? Question 2 has to do with the qualifications themselves. You are deleting the requirements for the water treatment certificates needed to legally run Well #16. She doesn’t get it and the timing is a little strange.

City Manager Ramirez responded that the item was not discussed under closed session and it wasn’t added to this agenda. We opted to have a special Council meeting to be able to address this.

Police Chief Chavez commented that last week and this week was law enforcement memorial week and tomorrow at the County of Merced at 9 a.m. he will be attending that memorial. He invited anyone who would like to attend.

Julio Valadez, 4th of July Committee Chair, thanked everyone for their support. We had our first golf tournament and he is looking forward to a bigger and better event; he appreciated everyone’s help. Committee meetings are now held twice a month and in June they will meet every Monday. We did not get our large sponsor this year, so we are looking for more donations.

Joylynn Peterson, 4th of July Committee gave an update on the events for the 4th of July; June 9 will be “Fill the Hat” from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.; two car washes on May 26 and June 16 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.; and a big basketball tournament June 23 – 24 at the high school. She appreciated everyone coming out Saturday; they had a lot of fun. Regarding the basketball teams, the fee will be $300 per team, 10 on a team.

Mike Sperry, 737 Main Street suggested a sweet potato pie contest. He asked the Mayor when the next MCAG meeting was.

Mayor Espinoza responded Thursday in Gustine at 2 p.m.

Mr. Sperry requested a table for the media. He asked City Attorney Sanchez about the name of the stakeholders committee; if you knock on peoples door and say let’s talk about the water rates they like to talk about it, so how about changing the name to Water Rates Committee. Last Thursday he got a knock on his front door and it was a burglar, so he called the Police Department. He recommended that everyone put the Police Department’s number in their phone book.


2. Resolution No. 2012-38 for the Acceptance of the Road Widening and Associated Improvements on Main Street/Lincoln Boulevard Adjacent to Livingston High School Completed by the Merced Union High School District, Authorizing the City Clerk to Record a Notice of Completion with Merced County and Authorizing the City Manager to Record the Grant Deeds for Rights-of-Way Dedication.

3. Resolution No. 2012-39 for the Acceptance of the State-Legislated Safe Routes to Schools Sidewalk Installation Cycle 8 SRTSL – 5256 (010) Project, Authorizing the City Clerk to Record a Notice of Completion with Merced County and Authorizing the City Manager to Release Performance and Material Bonds and to Make Final Payment of Retention Monies to Teichert Construction Company.

4. Approval of Warrant Register Dated May 10, 2012.

Motion: M/S Samra/Vierra to approve consent agenda Items 2-4. The motion carried 5-0 by the following roll call vote:

AYES: Council Members: Espinoza, Land, Aguilar, Vierra and Samra

NOES: Council Members: None

ABSENT: Council Members: None


5. Award of Independent Contract with Gillroad and Associates.

City Manager Ramirez presented the item.

Patti Dossetti gave background on her qualifications.

Katherine Schell Rodriquez, P.O. Box 163 stated that she was very disappointed by the way some members of the Council approached this subject at the last meeting. Yes, placing the item on an agenda for public discussion was a good step in the right direction of transparency. But, the staff report itself indicated a clear recommendation for one specific person only above all the others and the title of the staff report and agenda item stated plainly that it was about awarding the contract to a specific person. Yet some of the members of this Council seem to feel that the others should have just shown up anyway even though it was not an agenda item of considering amongst three or considering three proposals. It was stated quite clearly that it was about awarding it to one person. To insist or demand, that they should have known to show up to make a pitch on their own behalf sounds a little bit bizarre. She does not understand why we can’t have more than one grant writer on call, especially since each grant writer seems to have their own areas of expertise.

Mike Sperry, 1338 First Street said he would like to know how many grants have been written and won by Jim Gordon that pertain to Merced County.

Jim Gordon responded to Mr. Sperry’s question citing projects within Merced County.

Council Member Vierra stated that he is not in favor of hiring anyone. Our budget is not the greatest, and he has a problem with the fiscal impact which says an estimated monthly average of $2,500 – $3,900 @ $65 per hour and then reimbursable expenses and it goes on and on. Maybe we need a grant writer, but maybe put the person on as needed basis. We have people leaving and not being replaced.

Mayor Espinoza noted that there are lots of different types of fields for different types of grant writers. If we go with his recommendation and if we need help, he can call Ms Dossetti; we still need to bring in some of these grants

City Manager Ramirez commented that the Council has to approve next year’s budget and the money allocated is under his administrative budget and it is on an as needed basis and we have to stay within our needs. He feels it is very important and we need to be looking with these resources outside our City limits and partnering up with the County, etc.

Council Member Land stated that she was confused and if it comes under our budget, and you don’t need a contract, why can’t we just call on them on an as needed basis.

City Manager Ramirez stated that he wanted a more open and transparent process and these things were not done in the past here. He wants people to know what is going on in City Hall. This is to be for community input and who is working for the City. Mr. Ramirez asked for a list of all the consultants that were working for the City, then they know who is here and what they are doing for the City. He added that this is a formality and he wants to get input from the Council.

Council Member Samra added that we have two top notch folks that are so capable it makes it hard to pick and then everyone has said, then why pick. He said, “City Manager, why don’t we forget the contract and just pick the one that works best for that project. I’ve known Patti for a long time and she is very capable, and Mr. Gordon I know your credentials, maybe if the two of you work together would be better.” His recommendation would be both.

City Attorney Sanchez commented that the reason we have an agreement with someone is in order to avoid the issue of going project to project because ideally every consultant you use on a project to project basis you will be entering into an agreement. So every time this agreement provides a lot of protections for the City as well, stated indemnifications and insurance requirements and then not bring it to Council every time.

Council Member Samra asked if the City could enter into an agreement with both.

City Attorney Sanchez replied yes.

Mayor Espinoza responded like an open agreement.

City Attorney Sanchez noted upon notice.

Council Member Vierra asked that looking back at the warrants; did Jim Gordon receive any monies from the City before?

City Manager Ramirez responded yes.

Council Member Vierra questioned then why does it take this long to bring this forward. Now we have to deal with this, how much did we spend totally and what did we get from that, has any fruitful thing come out of paying this gentleman already.

City Manager Ramirez stated that we have used Mr. Gordon in the past, the most notable project is the three CMAQ vehicles, and we have submitted the Brownsfield grant, and then two grants we are waiting on, small business development grant and the Court Theater project we are working on it. Mr. Gordon also helped the Livingston Chamber of Commerce. Again, Mr. Ramirez said he wanted to bring the matter forward and wanted everyone to know who was doing what.

Council Member Samra asked Ms. Dossetti if she would be interested.

Ms. Dossetti responded yes she would.

Motion: M/S Samra/Espinoza to approve an independent contract with Jim Gordon and direct staff to prepare a professional services agreement for Ms. Dossetti and place it on the consent calendar for the next meeting.

The motion carried 4-1 by the following roll call vote:

AYES: Council Members: Espinoza, Land, Aguilar, and Samra

NOES: Council Members: Vierra

ABSENT: Council Members: None

6. Resolution Approving Amendment No. 2 Extending the Consultant Agreement Between the City of Livingston and SNG & Associates, Inc. to Continue to Provide Contract Engineering Staff Support Services, and Authorizing the City Manager to Execute the Amendment.

City Manager Ramirez presented the item.

City Manager Ramirez pointed out a typographical error in the contract, it should read a one year contract not a three year contract, and in Amendment #2 also.

Katherine Schell Rodriquez, P.O. 163 stated that she has been a serious City Council watcher for a few years and over the years she has heard about grant after grant that has been won having to do with infrastructure or water or wastewater. She would like a little bit more information as to how many millions of dollars that Nanda Gottiparthy has helped this City win in either direct grants he has written himself or other grants he has helped write.

City Engineer Gottiparthy responded that over the past six years SNG and Associates has worked on grants and secured $8.13 million dollars and have worked on grants that were prepared by others, for example the parks grant amounted to about $1 million. Additional grants that they worked on included Proposition 13, sidewalk project grant, Safe Routes to Schools, submitted and won 4 grants totaling approximately $2 million. He recently secured another Safe Routes to Schools Grant for approximately $800,000. Also there are other grants they were able to secure including a Cycle 2 grant completed, a land and water conservation grant, etc.

Council Member Samra stated that Mr. Gottiparthy has been with the City for a few years and now we have a void in public works and our understanding of the water lines, so this is not a good time to make any changes. He is highly qualified and we should continue the agreement for another year.

Mayor Espinoza added that Mr. Gottiparthy has knowledge of City issues.

Mayor Pro-Tem Aguilar stated that she wanted to thank Mr. Gottiparthy. When she came on board there wasn’t much of a connection, but now he is smiling more and they talk a lot more and he makes time to come to our grand opening events and that means a lot when he is willing to travel more and be a part of the community and not just work for us.

Council Member Vierra commented that he has been on Council since 2000 and prior to 2004 when we hired Mr. Gottiparthy it was pretty sad. We had farmed out stuff on a whoever basis. He remembers the big problem that we had in front of Foster’s Restaurant and things all over the road. Now with Mr. Gottiparthy on board whenever we need help he is there. He still doesn’t understand why we are going for one year. We did this a year ago and now we are going for one year again. To him, we know what he does, we know what he has brought to the City and he hasn’t heard any complaints about the work he is doing. He saw the three years there and thought finally we are going to do something because we went one year before. Why put a person through that? If it was him and something else bigger came along he would be down the road. Why lose a good person when you are getting a lot done?

Motion: M/S Vierra/Samra to adopt Resolution No. 2012-40 approving Amendment No. 2, Extending the Consultant Agreement Between the City of Livingston and SNG & Associates, Inc. for three (3) years to Continue to Provide Contract Engineering Staff Support Services, and Authorizing the City Manager to Execute the Amendment.

The motion carried 5-0 by the following roll call vote:

AYES: Council Members: Espinoza, Land, Aguilar, Vierra and Samra

NOES: Council Members: None

ABSENT: Council Members: None

7. Review Livingston Municipal Code Section 11-3-3 (D) and Provide Staff Direction Concerning Truck Parking on Joseph Gallo Drive and Court.

Police Chief Chavez presented the item.

Community Development Director Kenney assisted with the presentation.

Council Member Vierra commented that we have four hour parking down towards the cul-de-sac and that is where the hotel is supposed to come in. He was at Subway and coming out of the driveway. He could not see because the trucks were parked right at the corner of the driveway. He pulled out and a truck was coming so this was extremely dangerous. These trucks are parked there for hours not just one hour.

Chief Chavez added that in the event that we proceed with the signs and put in no parking, the Police Department will be enforcing the signs. Fair warnings ahead of time that the no parking violations will be enforced.

Council Member Vierra added because you have businesses out there that cater to sandwiches has anyone asked the businesses how they feel about trucks parking there.

Frank Borges commented that Mr. Gallo had asked him to research this and bring it to his attention. His property manager, Mr. Thompson has been getting complaints from some of the merchants. A visual impairment to seeing their place of business and some of the customers have screeched their breaks coming out of the parking lot as well. He has been monitoring for two weeks and the trucks do park at the four hour signs and he has seen them there for 6-7 hours. On the opposite side, McDonald’s side, there have been trucks there also. Mr. Gallo has been attempting to get TA to acquire some of the land in the back so that they could expand parking.

Chief Chavez added that he would recommend “no stopping” signs instead of “no parking” signs.

Council Member Samra asked if this applies to other vehicles as well.

Chief Chavez responded yes and gave an explanation.

Council Member Land asked if this would be enforced on B Street as well.

Chief Chavez responded that if signs are installed yes, at the will of the Council.

Mayor Pro-Tem Aguilar stated that the area at Peach and Robin is also bad.

Council Member Vierra responded that the north side of Peach is in the City limits and the south side is in the County.

Council Member Vierra commented that you have two businesses coming in and you have a problem already and Taco Bell has a problem already with those trucks parking there.

Council Member Land added that she would like to include B Street as well, no stopping.

Motion: M/S Vierra/Land to approve the current staff report with no stopping signs on both sides of Gallo and Winton Parkway and B Street to Robin.

The motion carried 5-0 by the following roll call vote:

AYES: Council Members: Espinoza, Land, Aguilar, Vierra and Samra

NOES: Council Members: None

ABSENT: Council Members: None

ADJOURNMENT The meeting was adjourned by consensus at 9:56 p.m.


City Clerk of the City of Livingston

APPROVED: June 19, 2012


Mayor or Mayor ProTempore

The written meeting minutes reflect a summary of specific actions taken by the City Council. They do not necessarily reflect all of the comments or dialogue leading up to the action. All meetings are digitally recorded and are an official record of the meeting’s proceedings. Digitally recorded verbatim minutes are available, upon request, and may be obtained at Livingston City Hall.


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