Staff direction concerning nonconforming uses and a Resolution of Intent

CITY FILE NUMBER: Planning Commission Discussion Concerning Nonconforming Uses and a Resolution of Intent.

PROJECT LOCATION: City-wide and specifically 2351 F Street.

PROPOSED ACTION: Provide Staff Direction Concerning Nonconforming Uses.

“Pursuant to LMC 5-6-5 (C)(1), if any such nonconforming use of land ceases for any reason for a period of more than six (6) months, any subsequent use of such land shall conform to the regulations for the district in which such land is located. Staff has been approached by a property owner with a Highway Commercial (C-3) zoned parcel (APN 047-210-020, 2351 F Street) with nonconforming residential buildings/use that has been vacant for over six (6) months. Per City Code, the next use of the property must be a commercial use but the owner would like to sell it as a residential rental property”.  (Excerpted from Staff Report)

Non Conforming Uses Page 1Non Conforming Uses Page 2


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