January 24, 2012 Action Report

Livingston Utility Rate Stakeholders Committee Meeting: January 24, 2012

Agenda: Evaluate Proposals for the Following:

Utility Rate Consultants Proposals

Tuckfield & CDM Smith. Rate Study Proposal 1.10.12   Tuckfield & Associates + CDM Smith

NBS.Rate Study Proposal 1.10.12   NBS

Hansford Economic Rate Study Proposal 1.10.12   HEC

Feasibility Analysis for a Centralized Treatment Strategy for the City’s Water Supply – Consultants Proposals

AECOM Feasibility Analysis Proposal 12.23.11   (AECOM Website)

Carollo Feasibility Analysis Proposal 12.23.11  ( CAROLLO Website)

Jacobs Feasibility Analysis Proposal 12.22.11  ( JACOBS Website)

West Yost Assoc Feaibility Analysis Proposal 12.23.11  ( WEST-YOST ASSOCIATES Website)

Kennedy.Jenks Feasibiity Analysis Proposal 12.23.11  (KENNEDY-JENKS Website)

The Committee discussed the Proposals for a Centralized Treatment Strategy and decided to “call back” Carolo and Kennedy Jenks for further consideration.

There was no discussion of Utility Rate Consultants Proposals. This discussion was postponed for a future meeting.


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