11. Provide Staff Direction for Appointment to the Planning Commission.

Provide Staff Direction for Appointment to the Planning Commission


AGENDA ITEM: Provide Staff Direction for Appointment to the Planning Commission.

MEETING DATE: Angnst 20, 2013

PREPARED BY: Holly R. Owen, Contract Associate Planner

REVIEWED BY: Jose Antonio Ramirez, City Manager


City Council to provide staff direction for appointment to the Planning Commission.


As Council may recall, the resignation of Alicia Estrada to the Livingston Planning Commission was submitted on May of 2013, and staff recommended Council initiate the appointment process to fill the vacancy. At their regular meeting of June 4, 2013, Council appointed previous Alternate Planning Commissioner Michael Silva to fill the regular vacancy, above. This now required that a vacancy be filled for the Alternate Planning Commissioner. Per Council direction, staff advertised the vacancies on the City website, Channel 2 and the newspaper.

The first round of advertising resulted in two applications being received with a deadline of August 9, 2013.


Two new applications were received by the August 9th deadline. The applicants are Christina Valencia and Ranjeet Jhutti. Staff is now seeking direction from the Council on how to fill the alternate vacancy. Staff offers the following options:

1. Interview the applicants and make appointment at a future Council meeting.

2. Appoint the Alternate Planning Commissioner tonight from the applicants mentioned above. (A Resolution is attached in case the Council chooses this option).

3. Re-advertise the vacancy with a new deadline selected by the Council.


None to the City.


I. Resolution No. 2013-

2. Candidate Applications







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