Mayor Rodrigo Espinoza on the Status of the General Plan Update: July 02, 2013

Mayor Rodrigo Espinoza on the Status of the General Plan Update: July 02, 2013

Note from TheGardeningSnail: This is an almost exact Word For Word Transcription, except for a few “uhs”, “ands” and other verbal tics. If you would like to read along and check on whether or not I got it “right”, go to the City’s website and pull up the video for the July 02, 2013 City Council Meeting. Forward it to about 48:55 and listen away.

Feel free to contact me is you feel I have made any significant transcription errors.

Mayor Rodrigo Espinoza :

Let me just say a little bit about the General Plan.

We had meetings with the Farm Bureau, some citizens that had issues with the General Plan going down to the county, and we addressed their issues.

I know one person had complaints because her property, she didn’t want to be included in the General Plan, in the Sphere and we addressed her issues and she’s no longer, their properties no longer in the Sphere.

The Farm Bureau was OK with it. We also had a meeting with Gallo, with the County, John Pedrozo and we addressed all the Commercial Areas and we narrowed down the Sphere substantially: reduced the Commercial on the Sultana, drawing the line on Sultana instead of going all the way to Cressy or Arena Way.

So we reduced that Commercial substantially. That’s on the East.

On the West as well, on the North there was not much, but on the South as well.

When we talked to Gallo, we told him we had to put some properties that had paid substantially towards the General Plan, so there was no way we could draw them out of the sphere. So they were in agreement.

So we talked to them and I think we have a good idea of what we want to do.

But now…the Master Plans the City had done: they’re old and we need to revise

And that’s where we’re at in trying to revise the Master Plans. The City is going to have to spend some more money to revise those Master Plans and come back and revise the Environmental. Correct? For the new proposal: whatever we call it in the Future.

And we also talked to Mrs. Alvernaz and we said the old plan of 2008 is pretty much going to go away. I know she had a lot of concerns and she’s looking forward to the new revised one.

That’s going to take a little while so just be patient and we‘ll try to do it as fast as we can.


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