City Council Authorization to Purchase a 2011 Ford E350 15-Passenger Van.

LIVINGSTON CA / June 03, 2013 —

Meeting Date June 04, 2013

Item #6. City Council Authorization to Purchase a 2011 Ford E350 15-Passenger Van.

Note from TheGardeningSnail: The following are excerpts from the Staff Report and Attachments. If there are any goofs, gaffs, or textual gremlins in the text below, sorry. Copies of the actual pages can be found below the text.


AGENDA ITEM: City Council Authorization to Purchase a 2011 Ford E350 15-Passenger Van.

MEETING DATE: June 4, 2013

PREPARED BY: Ruben Chavez, Chief of Police REVIEWED BY: Jose Antonio Ramirez, City Manager


Staff recommends that the City Council approve the purchase of a 2011 Ford E3SO IS-passenger van for use by the Police Department to transport the Police Explorers to special events and for youth during police sponsored youth programs.


The Police Department currently has a Police Explorer Unit with almost 30 active Explorers. This Unit has assisted with many special events and functions in the City of Livingston. The Unit has provided services ranging from traffic control during parades to crime prevention patrols during festivals. In addition to providing a resource to the City, the Unit also generates its own revenue by attending special events such as the Concours de Elegance and AT&T Pro-Am at Pebble Beach. With such a large group, the Department lacks the ability to transport the Unit in an efficient and cost effective manner. During a training event, Livingston High School sponsored a bus to transport the Unit to Camp Messinger near Sonora; however, the high school has informed the Police Department that due to budget cuts, this resource will no longer be available. Without quality transportation, the Unit is limited in pruticipating in events further than the City limits.

The Police Department has also implemented the Community Enhancements and Safe Environments (CEASE) Program which entails officers taking at-risk youth on educational field trips and sporting events. This program allows the mentoring of youth to prevent gang involvement during the later teenage years. The Department’s only transportation is a Ford Expedition which seats a total of S passengers.

The CEASE Program’s goal is to impact larger groups and is also in need of a vehicle with more seating capability.


This type of vehicle is specific for transportation and is difficult to locate in such superior condition at this price. Staff has researched the availability and compared costs of !S-passenger vans across the state and has determined this is a good price. The vehicle also has a hold guarantee from the dealership.


This purchase will be funded with revenue from the sale of a 2005 Harley Davidson Police motorcycle ($8,800.00) with the balance being funded with COPS Funding ($11,758.10).


1. South Bay Ford Purchase Estimate – $20,558.10 with vehicle history report.











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