Planning Commission Determination -Shopping carts on the sidewalk on public right-of-way.

LIVINGSTON CA / July 08, 2013 —

{Note from TheGardeningSnail: The following text was prepared by running a PDF file through a program that converts Image to Text. Sorry about any textual gremlins that may have crept in.}

Agenda Item #:  Sa

Meeting Date: July 9, 2013

Report Date: July 3, 2013


TO: City of Livingston Planning Commission

FROM: Miguel A. Galvez, Contract Associate Planner

SUBJECT: Planning Commission Determination -Shopping carts on the sidewalk on public right-of-way.

Livingston Municipal Code Section 9-1-1: Sidewalk and Street Obstruction (copy attached) includes provisions for addressing obstructions of streets, alleys, parkway, and sidewalk.

The Planning Department received a request to locate shopping carts in front of a grocery store on the City sidewalk. The placement of grocery store shopping carts in the public right-of-way is not addressed in these provisions.

The Planning Commission is being asked to make a determination as to whether shopping carts can be treated similar to listed exceptions such as potted shrubs or plants, clocks, drinking fountains, public telephones and news racks which can be placed and maintained on the public sidewalk subject to a public works permit (LMC 9-1-1.A).

The City does contain provisions in the Municipal Code for outdoor dining areas in public areas on public property, permanent and accessory (LMC 5-4-9-2) (also attached) which may serve as additional guidance to the Planning Commission in making its determination to allow, conditionally allow or prohibit the location of shopping carts on public sidewalks.


1. LMC 9-1-1: Sidewalk and Street Obstructions

2. LMC 5-4-9-2: Outdoor Dining Areas on Public Property, Permanent and Accessory


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