November 08, 2013

Interoffice Memo

Date:  November 8, 2013

To:      Planning Commission

Cc:      Jose Ramirez, City Manager Livingston City Council

From: Holly R. Owen, Contract Associate Planner

RE:   Project Status Update


After years of inactivity, there has been a flurry of recent interest in various projects shown by investors and developers. It has kept staff very busy, and although it is premature to bring any items before Planning Commission at this time, we felt it was a good time to bring you up to date on the major planning issues at the City of Livingston.

Motel 6: The parcel has been moved to the lot to the north of the original location, and an additional 6,000 square foot sit down restaurant is now being proposed. Staff has given preliminary comments regarding parking, various agreements that they will need to agree to, connectivity to other businesses, etc. They have not indicated to date when a revised site plan will be available to internally circulate, but we will keep you apprised of the situation.

Rancho San Miguel/Livingston Commons: Again, after years of inactivity, we have been fielding phone calls from the architect and other parties connected with this project regarding the site and plans to pull permits. Staff has revisited former agreements regarding Livingston Commons in general, approved under Site Plan and Design Review 2006-05, and have been asked to give the approvals necessary to continue the process. While we realize that some of you were not involved in the original approval process, we are happy to share with you the original staff report and conditions of approval should you wish to review them.

Lincoln Courtyard Apartments (formerly Livingston Senior Apartments): This project has also recently been resurrected, with a new focus on multigenerational housing. The project will be a 49 unit, 100% workforce housing development for families. It will target families with incomes ranging between 30% and 60% of the AMI. The development will consist of six (6) separate residential buildings that are, two (2) story garden styles, plus a 2,500 square foot two (2) story clubhouse/office building with the manager’s unit on the second floor, a 3BD/2BA unit, 1,215 square feet. The development will have 16 2BD/1BA units, 904 square feet, 24 3BD/2BA units, 1,215 square feet and 8 4BD/2BA, 1,401 square feet.

The development will provide a swimming pool with an exterior shower area, playground area with a tot lot and a covered picnic area. The Community Building will have a full size kitchen, a large common area, exercise room, computer room, his/her restrooms and laundry facilities. Each unit will be provided a covered parking space. Documents and applications for a site plan design review will follow within the next month.

Zoning Ordinance Text Amendments/Zoning Ordinance ‘cleanup’:

After consulting with the City Attorney, it has become apparent that several recent Zoning Ordinance Text Amendments (ZOTAs) that were approved in the last year were in need of clarification. We will be coming to you with these amendments very soon, as there are several applicants who will need to see corrections before they are allowed to pull permits. In addition, the company who codifies our Municipal Code has requested clarification on a number of zoning ordinance inconsistencies before they incorporate any recent amendments into the Code. Staff is working on that matter and should be completed with that task by the end of the month.

Well #17 and other Water Issues:

The City has received a grant from CDBG to complete Well 17. The City Engineer’s office is presently assessing the City’s water system in terms of water production, water quality, regulatory compliance, and short and long term improvements. A stakeholders meeting is scheduled for November 12th at 5:30 PM where findings and recommendations will be presented.

Annexations/Subdivision Interest: Although nothing has been proposed as of yet that would rise to the level of new entitlement submission, we have had a number of requests for information to verify past projects to be turned into future opportunities for the City. Often these requests have required us to engage in research stretching back five years and more, involving parties who have long been out of the picture. In the case of annexations, we are researching the possibility of this action in light of our General Plan litigation.

Planning Fees Update: Staff has been aware for a long time that our planning fees are sadly out of date. Unlike development fees, the planning fees are unaffected by our General Plan litigation, and we are free to raise them as soon as the analysis and justification research is complete. We have started the analysis of fee structures in the surrounding area with cities that are similar in size and demographics to bring a recommendation to the Planning Commission.

Business Licenses: There have been several new business license applications routed through City departments for approval. Some of these recently approved business licenses include: Apex Pharmacy and Valley Vein Center at 347 N. Main Street, GKN Rx, Inc. at 1471 B Street, Suite R, Infinity Hair Styles at 538 4th Street, Up ‘N’ Smoke at 1472 B Street, Suite D, and Eye Brow Threading at 462 Industrial Drive, Suite C




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