July 02, 2013 City Council Discussion – Vacancy on Utility Rates Stakeholders’ Committee.

Note from TheGardeningSnail: This is pretty much an accurate, almost Word-for-Word transcription of what was said by Mayor Espinoza and Mayor Pro-Temp Gurpal Samra..Beginning at 56:06 minutes into the meeting.

Mayor Pro-Temp Gurpal Samra

…First of all…it’s not the Utility Rate Stakeholders, we always keep going to that, but it’s the Utility, The Stakeholders Committee.

We had one individual that has resigned and we need to refill that position so I’m asking the Council’s authorization to advertise for this position through putting it on Channel 2 , the City’s Website and even through when next time Water Bills go out: Not necessarily putting a flyer, but a comment in these so if people want to apply they can go ahead and apply to the City to be an additional Committee Member.

Mayor Espinoza:

How much longer does that Committee have, I know we’re trying to finish it up.

Mayor Pro Temp Samra:

We’re not sure exactly how long it will take but we’re entering the most critical part now. The plans for the water: they’re coming to the Stakeholders now. And this is probably the most critical time now.

So I don’t think its going to take that much longer but we still need to have a full committee.

Mayor Espinoza:

So we should advertise for a couple weeks than hopefully in two meetings?

Mayor Pro Temp Samra:

Advertise for a couple of weeks until the next council meeting.

Mayor Espinoza:

And then in two meetings we could come back and appoint someone?

Mayor Pro Temp Samra:

Well-just at the next Council Meeting. You don’t need two meetings.

Note from TheGardeningSnail: the video online cuts off before the final Direction to Staff was given. At least that’s the way it was on 07/21/2013


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