Resolution Conditionally Approving Site Plan/Design Review 2013-04 for the Proposed Motel 6 Project, a 75-Room, 3-Story Motel on a 2.43 Acre Parcel Located at 110 N. Del Rio Avenue.

Meeting Date: February 18, 2014

Agenda Item #1. Resolution Conditionally Approving Site Plan/Design Review 2013-04 for the Proposed Motel 6 Project, a 75-Room, 3-Story Motel on a 2.43 Acre Parcel Located at 110 N. Del Rio Avenue.

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AGENDA ITEM: Resolution Conditionally Approving Site Plan/Design Review 2013-04 for the Proposed Motel 6 Project, a 75-room, 3-story Motel on a 2.43- acre Parcel Located at 110 N Del Rio Avenue.

MEETING DATE: February 18, 2014

PREPARED BY: Holly R Owen, Contract Associate Planner REVIEWED BY: Jose Antonio Ramirez, City Manager


Adopt a Resolution Conditionally Approving Site Plan/Design Review 2013-01 for the Proposed Motel 6 Project, a 75-room, 3-story Motel on a 2.43-acre Parcel Located at 110 N Del Rio Avenue.


The proposed project is a 27,852 square foot, 75-unit motel in the Highway Commercial (C-3) zoning district on a 2.43 acre parcel. The property is currently a vacant lot located on the north side of Joseph Gallo Drive, west of Winton Parkway. The property to the southeast is developed with "Taco Bell" and to the east with the "McDonalds/Chevron" service station. The property to the southwest and west is undeveloped at present.

The site’s General Plan designation of Highway Commercial is appropriate. A hotel and motel is a permitted use in the Highway Commercial (C-3) zoning district according to Livingston Municipal Code (LMC) Section 5-3-15 Land Use Regulations -Table 3 -Land Use – Commercial Zoning.

The Planning Commission recommended approval of the Project by a vote of 5-0 at their regular meeting of January 14, 2014, subject to the conditions of approval. They approved the project in terms of its land use and acknowledged that there a number of design issues that need to be addressed and resolved, with a final design to be brought back to City Council for review and approval.


The proposed motel building is oriented on an east-west alignment with the entrance to the building at the southwest corner of the building. The motel building will include the following features:

– entrance vestibule,

– lobby,

– an area for vending,

– office,

– laundry room,

– elevator,

– mechanical rooms,

– maintenance office,

– housekeeping room,

– break room,

– guest laundry room,

– apartment manager suite and

– 75 guest rooms.

This is a new model for the Motel 6 franchise in that not only is the architectural statement more of a modern style, but that the rooms which typically are accessed from the exterior will be accessed from interior corridors.

The site plan proposes two entrances for ingress and egress traffic as well as a driveway access to the parcel to the east. The site plan proposal indicates 165 total spaces in the proposed parking lot. A trash enclosure is proposed in the southeast part of the parking lot. Landscaping will consist of turf, bushes and trees and will be installed in the required front, side and rear yard setbacks. Parking lot lighting is also proposed. A pedestrian path to the street is proposed to the east to the Taco Bell site. A six-foot-high ornamental iron fence is proposed along the eastern and southern property lines.


A. Off-street Parking Requirements and Exterior: LMC Section 5-4-5.C.38 Parking Standards requires, "At least one (1) off-street parking space for each sleeping or dwelling unit of a motel," which would equate to 76 parking spaces, those for the motel units plus one for the resident manager. The proposal is providing a total of 165 on-site parking spaces according to their estimations, with a number of compact spaces and two (2) handicapped spaces. Staff recommends the following for the parking area and exterior of the project:

1) The Parking Ordinance allows a maximum of 25% of parking spaces can be "compact" spaces (smaller than normal parking stalls). The site plan currently shows 55 spaces (30% of the total stalls) designed as compact stalls. Accordingly the site plan needs to be redesigned to meet this standard.

2) The addition of at least four more parking peninsulas, two on the north side and two on the south side of the parking lot to discourage oversized vehicles from parking alongside the perimeter of the project.

3) The addition of an additional pedestrian path to the south, as well as an additional drive access to the parcel at the southwest corner of the project.

4) Staff observes that the project as currently proposed is ‘landlocked’ concerning access to the project from adjacent streets. Both Building and Engineering staff have commented on the necessity of a permanent easement agreement that will be required for the project to legally gain access to Del Rio Avenue through what will be an adjacent and legally separate parcel to the west, that of the proposed restaurant. In addition, any other reciprocal accesses to adjacent parcels will also need to be formalized in agreements. These issues have been addressed in the conditions of approval, attached.

Consequently, Staff is requesting that the new parking configuration be submitted given the above requests, along with a revised site plan, before permitting is authorized. At present, there are more than enough spaces for the motel use, but it is unclear as to the size of the future restaurant, and that project will have to meet a different parking standard.

B. Off-site Street Improvements. The project proposes to share in the cost of construction of a new street (Del Rio Avenue) and all street improvements located west of the project site. Street dedication and improvements are typically provided as part of project approval. A condition of approval will require that prior to the issuance of a building permit, the applicant enter into a private agreement with the adjacent property owner for the dedication and construction of Del Rio Avenue in accordance with the City of Livingston’s Standard Specification as approved by the City Engineer and Public Works Director.

C. Utility Plans. The project will need to submit preliminary utility plans showing existing utilities and proposed connections. A preliminary design and layout for storm drainage is needed for the project. The area is served by a private storm water retention basin, located at the northeast corner of Robin Avenue and "B" Street (JEG Livingston Ranches, LLC, or Gallo). Prior to the issuance of a building permit, the applicant will have to provide an agreement between the applicant and the storm water drainage basin owner to divert storm water run-off into the basin. Prior to the issuance of a building permit, the proposed design and improvements will be required to be submitted, reviewed and approved by the City of Livingston City Engineer and Public Works Director.

D. Merced Irrigation District. Information was provided to the City concerning the drainage district (MIDDID No. 1) in which the project is located. MID has commented that storm drainage fees apply if drainage is directed off site and ultimately to any MID facility. Additional MID comments are in the conditions of approval, attached.

E. Merced County Fire Department. Merced County Fire Department has asked the applicant to clarify the Fire Department access to the project, as this building is more than 30 feet in height and may require additional access for fire engines and aerial access as per CFC 503 (See Section Appendix D of the California Fire Code for some basic specifications regarding fire department aerial access). Merced County Fire Department requests that their concerns regarding access, fire hydrant location and fire lanes be addressed, and their comments are also in the conditions of approval.

F. Architectural Design and Style. The proposed motel project has a rectilinear, postmodern design (use of many 90 degree angles) and has an art deco color scheme (pastel colors). Building material samples have not been provided. Neighboring developments have incorporated a Spanish architecture style, using red tile roofs, earth tone colors, and projecting "cooling towers" capped with roof tiles. The buildings have also included a variation in wall depths along with a variation of finish materials. The City’s Design Guidelines are recommendations for choosing the architecture style and materials for any project. The project design has been reviewed and approved by the Gallo Design Review Committee, per a private agreement.


The Project is categorically exempt from the provisions of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA Guidelines Section 15332 In-Fill Development Projects). Class 32 consists of projects characterized as in-fill development meeting the conditions described below:

a. The project is consistent with the applicable General Plan designation and all applicable General Plan policies as well as with applicable zoning designation and regulations as it is located in the Highway Commercial zoning district (C-3), which permits motels by right.

b. The proposed development occurs within City limits on a project site of no more than five acres substantially surrounded by urban uses. The project is located on a 2.43 acre parcel within the C- 3 zoning district within City limits. The parcel is adjacent to existing retail uses and a truck stop.

c. The project site has no value as habitat for endangered, rare, or threatened species. The site is presently disked a couple of times each year for weed abatement.

d. Approval of the project would not result in any significant effects relating to traffic, noise, air quality or water quality that was not previously contemplated. The site is expected to draw customers from the existing truck stop and the traveling public using State Highway 99.

e. The site can be adequately served by all required utilities and public services. The project site is located with the C-3 zoning district where utilities currently exist and less than one ( 1) mile from both the Fire Department and Police Station.

A Notice of Exemption will be filed with the Merced County Clerk within five (5) days of Project approval.


The proposed project is consistent with the following 1999 General Plan policies:

Objective 3.3.A: Ensure the provision of adequate commercial shopping opportunities and office space locations to meet anticipated needs.

Objective 3.3.A.l .d Policies, Standards: "The Highway Commercial subcategory allows Service Commercial uses which, due to space requirements, the proximity to the highway, or the distinctive nature of their operation, are not compatible with or not usually located in other commercial designations." Motels serve the passing public close to major roadways. The proposed motel is located close to State Highway 99 and is intended to serve the public using this major transportation route.


Permit fees and tax dollars.


1. Parcel Map Motel 6

2. Zoning Map Motel 6

3. Site Plans and Elevations, Motel 6

4. Conditions of Approval, Motel 6

5. Planning Commission Resolution 2014-02 without Exhibit A, Conditions of Approval

6. City Council Site Plan/Design Review Resolution 2013-_ with Exhibit A, Conditions of Approval






























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