Grandfathering of Livingston Youth Football and Cheer Fireworks–Discussion and Action Taken

Note from TheGardeningSnail. This is almost an absolute Word-For-Word transcription of what was said by Council. I have taken the liberty of leaving out most of the “ands’, “uhs”, and an assortment of other verbal ticks. In those places where you see a (?), that means the either the Audio was garbled to where I could not understand what was said, or the person speaking took a wild turn of thought mid sentence.

If you would like to hear for yourself what was said that evening, go to the City of Livingston Archived Meeting for that evening, and listen: beginning at 58:32 minutes in. If you do so, I believe you will agree that I have Represented Fairly what was said that night. If you do NOT agree, and feel I have made a major Transcription Error, please feel free to contact me and I will make the appropriate corrections.

58:32 Council Member Soria: —That was me Mayor, I put that on. Thank You. We have a lot of the Youth Football Board Members here.

One of the reasons I put this on is, a few months ago or I’m not sure when it was, we had a few fireworks booths grandfathered in. Youth Football wasn’t selected. I just want, being part coach, I volunteer as a coach and I see that the financial impact – that financial impact that it helps – in helping the Youth football and the kids. That’s what I’m about: about the kids.

Just for the record, I volunteer. I receive no income or finances from Youth Football. I volunteer time because I see the positiveness and I want to be a positive role model for the kids: that’s why I coach.

I’m not sure how we could do it. We could do it differently, where Council can vote. I know certain circumstances do arise and did arise for us. We lost our President. And in memory of Mike Coronado, I would like to have Youth Football grandfathered in for two years. So we could build up and help build up our finances to give back to the kids.

It could be on a (?) after that other entities and other organizations are just as important for their cause. But the kids are our future. These are our kids. These are community kids. So that’s one of the recommendations. I’m looking at.

Mayor Espinoza: —Any other comments, or Attorney? Any comments?

City Attorney: —Just for the record, Staff has been working on or thinking about an amendment to the fireworks ordinance. We had a presentation, given by an individual, I’m forgetting the individuals name, but they came and provided, and Jacquie did a great job as well of providing different options for the council to take on.

One of the options was, to consider, was grandfathering certain groups: in order for them to always have a booth. I know that that currently is not in the Code. Jacquie can probably provide us with more details. But, currently, it’s random selection I believe that the City Council, please correct me if I’m wrong Jacquie, the City has one for it’s Recreation Committee and then the others are randomly selected. Is that correct?

1:01:32 Recreation Director —Actually, we are on a rotation right now. until you take action and change the Ordinance, we are on a rotation.

Attorney —Can you come and say that in the mike?

Espinoza —Well, in the meantime, I know that, the High School has had probably the majority of the booths all the time every year. And in memory of Mike Coronado, we think it’s a great thing to do. I’ll say some more comments after this.

Mayor Pro-Temp Samra —And for me, Mr. Mayor, My kids played in sports. They’re kind of getting up in years now. they’re not playing any more but they received the benefit of it. And its only a good thing to pass on to other kids as well. If we an make this work, then I think we do and we’ll just hear from Jacquie right now.

Cuz I know we need to put this issue away once and for all: get it all done.

Recreation Director —What am I saying?

Attorney —The way it currently works. Recreation Currently, we are on a rotation basis. And I don’t have the list before me to tell you what 5 booths are up this year. So we

Espinoza —Let me-let me say something. I know that last year we had a Council Meeting and we agreed that that was the last year of the rotation because to many people were saying it wasn’t fair – so we agreed that we were gonna stop the rotation, and go out for people to bid, for people to bid to see how many

Recreation —For a Rotation

1:03:10 Espinoza —cuz I know some of the people on rotation have (left) like the LCN Network or (?) network, groups that probably left, or new ones want to come in. I think to be fair to everybody, so that’s what (we) agreed on.

So now we’re in the process of having more meetings to see what, exactly like this where we can have let in or what kind of rotation we’re gonna have now. So go ahead

Recreation – “OK”

Attorney —Something that I know that in talking to staff, we were just, I think, staff was just looking for actual direction on what clubs would be let in. One thing that staff and I also discussed was the possibility of, currently the City always gets one right? for Recreation? That’s not on the rotation list, or is it?

Recreation —Actually, if we set it up the way that it was the Rec Department would go back to having a rotation, of which we were going to have the 4th of July Committee operate that Booth, because the event benefits the entire community.

1:04:24 Attorney —So one of the options that I know that staff and I discussed was to have on for a City Wide kind of booth: a selection by the Council, as far as 4th of July, whether it’s the City as far as Recreation or whatever, the City would select.

Then, they would have another booth which would be: for example, the football team needed funds, and that’s who the Council would select that year in, and it would have the discretion to do that. And the other three would be a lottery.

So there would be 2: 1 would be the City deciding whether it would be the 4th of July or another City Wide type of Organization. And the other pick that the City Council would have would be whatever organization came forward that was in need: such as the football team or another sport – in the High School, let’s say, or the Middle School or whatever it be, whatever organization would be that would come and plead or provide their reasoning to the Council and then be addressed.

The other 3, because we only get 5, would be a random lottery.

Espinoza —Well, we could still have meeting on a separate discussion. Just for this meeting, its up to us to see if we want to give the Youth Football and the Cheer a two year

Samra —The best (thing) to do, and I don’t have any objections to the Youth Football having one, is if we are going to go ahead and deal with this one item, lets just go ahead and fix the whole thing at one time, bring it here right now and lets just get everything hammered out and get it done. Instead of having to piecemeal everything together.

My suggestion is just to get it done.

1:05:55 Espinoza —Well, I think we can go ahead and vote on this one anyway. Because its just like the Recreations already has one. If we say yes or no. If we say no – it goes to the next meeting and organize it. So if it’s a yes, then its already set and we can have a

Samra —That’s fine. We can vote on it

Attorney —If I could – the only thing we’re asking for is direction. It will only be done after the Ordinance Is done – It’ll actually be approved. Right now we are asking for – what this does is there’s nothing in our Current code – again Jacquie please correct me if I’m wrong – there’s nothing in our current Code that allows the grandfathering in or the random selection by the City Council – correct?

Recreation  – That is correct.

Attorney —It’s just a rotation list. There is nothing currently in our Code that allows for this. The Code needs to be amended.  That’s when the Council would actually

Espinoza – ok

Attorney —But the direction helps a lot. That way it can be drafted a certain way. Seeing that this is an Ordinance, having the direction to put something General in there as far as the City Council selection helps because then by Resolution or Motion, then you could decide who gets that booth. Instead of having to actually in the Ordinance that then would have to be amended.

If for example after the (2) years the City Council decided to have another organization get that booth.

Espinoza – ok. Arturo do you have any comments.

Sacairos – no

Samra – When can staff bring this to Council?

Espinoza—If we can start the sooner the better because the Fireworks issue needs to be awarded probably within April? April 1st. So that’s why we need to go ahead.

Samra—So we need to direct staff to bring this as soon as possible for them.

Espinoza—But I think we can go ahead and make a motion that to install this as a primary – direct staff – I guess my thing is to do the two years for the Youth Football.

Samra—We could still do that. The best thing to do is have everything in front of us. Its nice and clean and everybody knows what we’re talking about and what we’re voting on.

(?) is voting on tonight – you want to vote on that’s fine. I don’t have any objections either way. But I think it would be cleaner if it was like written down so everybody knows what to do. My suggestion is to direct staff to bring to the Council at their earliest convenience as quickly as possible.

Espinoza – Jim – do you have any more comments.

Soria—My Recommendation is to move Livingston Youth Football up to the top – if that’s the way we’re gonna go and just, given the circumstances of Mike passing away. Like I said earlier, not that none of the other organizations aren’t as important but – I was out there – we have our Board Members here that volunteer there time also and we see the positive impact that it gives to our kids and having a 4th of July booth would definitely assist with equipment.

It would assist with children that come from economic backgrounds. I know that Mike often times would (say) you know what – he cant afford a jersey. We’re going to have Youth Football pay for it.

But, you know, the kids benefit from being out there and I know Coach (?) is here and a lot of the cheerleading coachers are here. We do stress a family atmosphere. It is for out kids and I’ve always been for the kids. So that’s my recommendation.

Espinoza— So we just give direction or do we make a motion for that?

Attorney—I would recommend giving a motion in order to provide direction. One possible, something I’m hearing from Council is that the Ordinance come back drafted in a way that it is provides discretion for the City Council to choose what organization or group to have, basically award one of these booths to. For example, the Youth Football, so that direction may be – bring back the Ordinance amended to have, as we discussed, maybe (1) booth that the City gets, the other booth that the City selects – as far as what organization –  allowing discretion.

Three booths for lottery and also bringing back either a Resolution – or doing it by Motion – awarding the first time around – one of the booths – the booth that’s discretionary booth – to the Livingston Y0uth Football and Cheer fireworks booth. Having them have it for – that would be at the discretion 0f the Council – I would say – yearly? having the Council decide yearly. But if the Council wants to go ahead and say for (2) years

Espinoza— Probably two years. Yeh.

Attorney— we could bring something back that has that kind of flexibility. All we’re asking for us is – if that’s the motion or if I could get that direction. We don’t have to make a motion but that’s

Espinoza— Jim, I’ll let you make the motion if you want.

Soria— What’s the (?)

Voice from Audience—  Are you going to open this to the public?

Espinoza—Oh. I’m sorry. I forgot about that. Let me open it up first. Open up at 8:44. Citizen’s Comments?

at which point I ask for clarification of what exactly they were planning to do. The basic answer was

  • (1) Booth would go to the Recreation Department or 4th of July Committee

  • (1) Booth would be awarded at the City Council’s Discretion.

  • (3) Booths would be awarded by random lottery.

Attorney—That’s the option that we were discussing at the last meeting. Correct Jacquie? more of a random lottery where everybody else put in their name. That way it could – we could have a rule that nobody could get it two years in a row. Jacquie’s studying the issue and looking at what other jurisdictions do in order to put in recommendations. In order to be as fair as possible with those three picks.

After that, the President of Youth Football talked about the program and stated that while other sports have some kind of funding, Youth Football has none.

After he spoke, his wife, who is the Secretary of Youth Football talked some of the organizations expenses and stated that the July 4th fundraiser was the largest one they had and how they wanted to keep it.

After they spoke it was

1:20:00 Espinoza— I know that my son played for a couple of years. My daughter cheered for one year. She didn’t want to stay on there. But she loved it and she thought it was pretty hot in the summer.

But it costs, I can’t remember 4-5 hundred dollars. They had to do a lot of fundraisers and it takes a lot of commitment from the parents and a lot of help fr0m the parents.

And I know some parents that are single and they might have 1 or 2 kids doing football and the cheer. Its pretty tough. So hopefully this will subsidize a little bit of that expense. I’m all for it. So….any more comments?

Samra—Just to add to it. As I mentioned earlier, both my daughters got to cheer. On my phone right now I still have video of them cheering. I’m not sure if they had more fun or I did. Just time with your kids is blessing enough. Sometimes one day you’re out there in the heat. Next day you’re out in the rain towards the end.  I don’t think they could ever give up that experience that they had. And I don’t think we would.  And if we can make your job a little easier or then help our youth then I think we should do everything we can to do to help.

1:22:00 Espinoza—Yeh. I know we have it tough because if we give you guys priority we’re gonna get ridiculed and criticized by other organizations. But I know the High School has had it for a lot of programs: they had the majority of the years. So, but this is a good memory – of Mike Coronado’s memory – its still for our youth in Livingston so I’m all supportive.

Two years – I agree to two years. So hopefully, later on in the future, what ever Council is here, they can decide that. But hopefully, to help out, right now this youth. With the other rotations – we’ll have to deal with that.

So, no comments? I’ll close it and come back for more comments up here. Jim?

Soria—Oh, I just had a comment – I saw her step out – Mary Jane’s son played Youth Football (?) all the way through at the High School. And correct me if I’m wrong, he actually set passing records at Modesto College and he started here at Youth Football. So he learned those basic skills, developed them. So we do have the talent here in Livingston and who knows, we could have the next Kaepernick.

But, you know, it all starts down at the Youth Football. So we do have the talent. We do have kids that went off to Modesto College and Brian (?) and made most passing catches so he did set a record there at Modesto College and that is a Livingston kid.  So we do have the talent.

Espinoza—So..any more comments? If not

Sacairos— Like the Mayor said – we might get criticized. But, you know what, when I was growing up I had to go to Winton to play for the Cowboys because there was no program for here and I wish there was here and it was not cheap. So that’s what I have.

Espinoza—ok. You want to go ahead and make the motion – with what the attorney said? Sacairos — I’ll make the motion. I’ll make the motion to grandfather in the Livingston Youth Football and Cheer Fireworks booth for (2) years.

Espinoza—adding what the attorney said – as stated by the attorney.

Sacairos —As stated by the attorney.

And the motion passed 4-0. David Mendoza absent.


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