Note 11 Pension Plans FY 2013/2014

Meeting Date: November 13, 2014

Agenda Item #11

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Note 11 – Pension Plan

Plan Description – The City contributes to the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS), an agent multiple-employer public employee defined benefit pension plan. PERS provides retirement and disability benefits, annual cost-of-living adjustments and death benefits to plan members and beneficiaries. PERS acts as a common investment and administrative agent for participating public entities within the State of California. Benefit provisions and all other requirements are established by state statute and city ordinance. Copies of PERS’ annual financial report may be obtained from their Executive Office – 400 P Street – Sacramento, CA 95814.

·All full-time employees are eligible to participate in the Plan. Part-time employees appointed to a term of one year or longer and who work an average of 20 hours per week are also eligible to participate. Other part­ time non-benefited hourly employees do not participate in the Plan. Related benefits vest after five years of service. Upon five years of service, employees who retire at or after age 50 are entitled to receive an annual retirement benefit.

Funding Policy – Active plan members in the Plan are required to contribute 7% of their covered salary. The City makes the employee’s contributions on their behalf. The City is required to contribute the actuarially determined remaining amounts necessary to fund the benefits for its members. The actuarial methods and assumptions used are those adopted by the CalPERS Board of Administration. The required employer contribution rate for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2014 was 12.884% for the miscellaneous plan and 16.743% for the safety plan. The contribution requirements of plan members is established by State statute and the employer contribution is established and may be amended by PERS.

Annual Pension Cost – For the year ended June 30, 2014, the City’s annual pension cost of $525,791 for PERS was equal to the City’s required and actual contributions. The required contribution was determined as part of the June 30, 2012, actuarial valuation using the entry age n01mal actuarial cost method. The actuarial assumptions included (a) 7.5 percent investment rate of return (net of administrative expenses), (b) projected annual salary increases that vary by duration of service and (c) 3.0 percent per year cost-of-living adjustments. Both (a) and (b) included an inflation component of 2.75 percent. The actuarial value of PERS assets was determined using techniques that smooth the effects of short-term volatility in the market value of investments over a three-year period (smoothed market value). PERS unfunded actuarial accrued liability (or excess assets) is being amortized as a level percentage of projected payroll on a closed basis. The remaining amortization period at June 30, 2012 was 19 years.

Note 11 Pension Plans


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