Note 13 Contingent Liabilities and Note 14 Subsequent events

Meeting Date: November 13, 2014

Agenda Item #11

Note from TheGardeningSnail: Parts of this page may have been prepared by running a PDF Image Document through a program which converts image to text. My apologies for any Textual Gremlins that may have slipped in.

Note 13 – Contingent Liabilities

The City participates in a number of Federal and State assisted grant programs which are subject to financial and compliance audits. Audits for these programs and the respective findings are to be determined at a future date, and the City expects the amount, if any, of the expenditures which may be disallowed by the granting agency to be immaterial.

The City is a defendant in various lawsuits and claims. The City attorney anticipates that actual or potential claims against the City, not covered by insurance, would not materially affect the financial position of the City.

Note 14 – Subsequent Events

The City evaluated subsequent events for recognition and disclosure through September 29, 2014, the date which these financial statements were available to be issued. Management concluded that no material subsequent events have occurred since June 30, 2014 that required recognition or disclosure in such financial statements.


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