6 Authorize Work for the Well 14-Well 8 Intertie Pipeline Project.

Meeting Date: SEPTEMBER 02, 2014

Agenda Item #6. Authorize Work for the Well 14-Well 8 Intertie Pipeline Project.

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AGENDA ITEM: Authorize Work for the Well 14-Well 8 Intertie Pipeline Project MEETING DATE: September 2, 2014

PREPARED BY: Mario B. Gouveia, City Engineer REVIEWED BY: Jose Antonio Ramirez, City Manager


City Council to authorize the work for the Well 14-Well 8 Intertie Pipeline Project and direct the City Engineer to proceed.


Well Locations with Local LandmarksThe City of Livingston is in the process of retrofitting a number of its wells in order to improve water quality and the overall water system. Several of the City’s key wells are producing water that contains TCP, and Well 14 produces water with the highest TCP concentrations. At this time, TCP is an unregulated constituent, but the City has been proactive in addressing TCP and has installed treatment facilities in Well No. 8 to remove TCP.

The City has also identified a capital project for Well 14 that will reduce TCP concentration by blending the water supply from Well 14 to the treated water from Well 8. It is expected that the treated water supply from Well 8 will be free of TCP contamination. A pipeline connection between Well 14 and Well 8 would allow the City to blend the water supplies from these two wells.


City staff is ready to move forward with the project. These improvements will help meet the City’s water demands and maintain adequate water supplies.

The City Engineer has identified an alignment for the pipeline along Dwight Way, Olive Avenue and Livingston Cressey Road. Approximately 6,800 lineal feet of 12-inch diameter pipeline are proposed over native soils and AC pavement surfaces. The project would redirect the Well 14 supply from the adjacent distribution system to Well 8’s zone of influence. The connection at the Well 8 site would occur at the effluent piping of the GAC treatment vessels and prior to on-site chlorination for appropriate disinfection.

The City Engineer will evaluate the system hydraulics and confirm that no negative impacts result from shifting the water source from the Well 14 vicinity to the Well 8 site.

The City Engineer will prepare the plans, specifications and estimate for the project, assist with bidding tasks and contract award, perform inspections and other construction support items. Other project tasks include the completion of a CEQA study for the project.


A total of $675,000 has been budgeted for the project as part of the City’s FY 2014-15 Budget. These fund appropriations from the TCP Settlement Account will be used to offset the project expenditures estimated at $672,000 per the attached budgetary estimate.


1. Project Estimate



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