8 Authorize the Installation of a Sand Separator at Well 11.

Meeting Date: September 16, 2014

Agenda Item #8. Authorize the Installation of a Sand Separator at Well 11.

Note from TheGardeningSnail. Part of this page was produced by running a PDF Image File through a program that converts Image to Text. Apologies for any Textual Gremlins that may have crept in.

I may have also broken up some of the larger paragraphs for easy of reading and have added a photo so you can visualize where the well is located.

Well 11 - 15


AGENDA ITEM: Authorize the Installation of a Sand Separator at Well 11.

MEETING DATE: September 16, 2014

PREPARED BY: Mario B. Gouveia, City Engineer

REVIEWED BY: Jose Antonio Ramirez, City Manager



City Council to authorize the installation of a sand separator at Well 11 and direct City staff to proceed with the work.


City staff has temporarily taken Well 11 out of production due to the intermittent production of excessive sand in the water. Well 11 has recently undergone repairs to address the pumping of air attributable to the lower water table caused by the current drought conditions. The work consisted of lowering the pump bowls by 20 feet, cleaning and videoing the inside of the well casing. In addition, City staff replaced the well meter to accurately record water production for billing purposes among other things.

The exact cause for excessive sand in the well supply is unknown. City staff suspects that the gravel pack seal on the outside of the well casing could have deteriorated over time.


It is urgent that Well 11 be equipped with this sand separator and start producing again for the City of Livingston to maintain an adequate water supply in the system. City staff is also evaluating other alternatives to reduce the sand production to acceptable levels and will consider only if cost effective. In the mean time, City staff is asking for approval on the installation of the sand separator in the event other options turn out unfeasible.


The estimated cost for purchasing and installing the sand separator is $35,000. The City has sufficient budgeted funds in the Water Capital Fund for repairs/improvements to cover this expenditure



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