Wastewater Rate Study – Current Conditions – Revenue Requirement – Rates Analysis – Cash Flow and Affordability

Wastewater Rate Study – Current Conditions

Page 4-28 WasteWater Rate Study

Wastewater System Revenue Sources – Historical Wastewater Fund Expenditures

Page 4-29

Current Wastewater Rate Structure

Page 4-30

Summery of User Characteristics – Revenue Requirement

Page 4-31

Page 4-31

Capital Improvement Plan – Existing Debt Service – Operations Expenses and Reserves

Page 4-32

Base Year Operating Budget

Page 4-33

Projected Revenue Requirement

Page 4-34

Revenue Requirement Distribution between Collection and Treatment – Rates Analysis

Page 4-35

Unit Cost Determination – Determine Revenue Requirement by Customer Type

Page 4-36

Calculated Cost per 1,000 Gallons

Page 4-37

Calculated Wastewater Rates

Page 4-38

Estimated Bill Impacts by Customer Type

Page 4-39

Projected Cash Flow

Page 4-40

Test of Wastewater Rates Affordability – Comparison of Single Family Monthly Wastewater Bill

Page 4-41


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