Annual Review of Planning Commission Adopted Policies

Meeting Date: APRIL 14, 2015

Annual Review of Planning Commission Adopted Policies

Note from TheGardeningSnail: Parts of this page may have been prepared by running a PDF Image Document through a program which converts image to text. My apologies for any Textual Gremlins that may have slipped in. Copy of the Original can be found on the City’s Website. I may also broken up some of the longer paragraphs for ease of reading and/or highlighted items of special interest.

Meeting Date: April 14, 2015

Report Date: March 31, 2015



PROPOSED ACTION: Review of Planning Commission Policies

PREPARED BY: Randy Hatch, Contract City Planner




The Planning Commission policies were established in 1984 and have been added to from time to time with the most recent Amendment in June 2001. Staff has located several compilations of the Policies with two versions simply numbering the policies 1 through 16 with the most recent version grouping the policies into 3 sets: 9 administrative policies; 6 site plan review policies and 1 conditional use policy.

Staff favors the version organized by sets and has presented that version to you. Of particular relevance to tonight’s meeting is Administrative Policy 1 “Chairman Rotation.” Also, Administrative Policy 5 speaks to the need for the annual review of the policies. This review of the policies complies with Administrative Policy 5.

Since these policies were developed, conditions have changed in several instances. The Agenda is posted on Friday instead of Thursday (Policy A-2), water meters are installed throughout the City (Policy A-3), and the City’s Redevelopment Agency no longer exists (Policies SP-3, SP-15 & Sp-16). Also of note, Administrative Policy 9 speaks to how meetings are to be conducted and provides direction to the Commission. This policy states that the meeting conduct (procedure) is to be done following Robert’s Rules of Order.

Robert’s Rules are somewhat familiar to most, but fully understood by few. Given their complexity and the fact that Robert’s Rules were originally written for another century (191h), most cities use an updated and simplified rules of procedure “Rosenberg’s Rules of Order.”

The League of California Cities recommends cities use Rosenberg’s Rules and has provided a handout of the Rules for city use. Later on this same Agenda are copies of this handout and an Action Item to amend these Policies including to amend Administrative Policy 9 to substitute Rosenberg’s Rules for Robert’s Rules.

The Commission may also wish to discuss Policy A-8 which addresses ongoing Commission training.




Review the adopted Planning Commission Polices and make amendments as deemed appropriate.



1. Planning Commission Policies

2. Rosenberg’s Rules of Order


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