Item 1a Resignation of Planning Commission Chair Luis Enrique Flores.

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TO: Holly Owen, Secretary for the Planning Commission of the City of Livingston FROM: Luis Enrique Flores

DATE: Thursday 29 January 2015

SUBJ ECT: Resignation from Planning Commission of the City of Livingston

Acknowledging the Attorney General opinion on the matter of incompatibility of offices, and that no case law existing yet on said matter, I, Luis Enrique Flores, am resigning from the Planning Commission of the City of Livingston, effective immediately. I hope that this resignation will minimize any further distractions from the important work ahead for the City Council, Planning Commission, and other municipal bodies, and the local school board.·

I appreciate my time serving on the Planning Commission since April 2010 and as Chair since February 2011. I will use this experience and what I have learned in other avenues for the betterment of Livingston residents, especially its youth. I also want to acknowledge the hard work, and patience, of the City’s Planning Office (Community Development), especially Filomena Arredondo, Senior Administrative Analyst.

I hope that this, and future, governing body support and prioritize this critical function of the City.


Luis Enrique Flores


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