Conditional Use Permit 2015-01 and Site Plan & Design Review 2015-02 for 51 Fifty Enterprises – to construct and operate a private youth boxing training gym and sports facility at 436 Second Street.




The applicant, Tim Coppedge, of Modem Steel Structures, on behalf of Carlos Vieira, owner of 51 Fifty Enterprises, is requesting a Conditional Use Permit and Site Plan and Design Review approval to operate a private, youth boxing training gym and sports facility at 436 Second Street. The facility will serve up to 30 youth (male and female, ages 8 – 18) at a time with 1 coach at a time. The program is a free after school program to help keep the youth engaged in a constructive activity and keep them from getting into trouble. The hours of operation are Mon -Fri 3pm to 7pm.


The property is vacant, 12,400 square feet in size, located at the northwest corner of "B" and 2nd Street and is zoned DTC Downtown Commercial. DTC allows recreational uses such as the proposed facility subject to a Conditional Use Permit granted by the Planning Commission at a properly noticed Public Hearing.

The Zoning Code requires new development in the Downtown Commercial zone (among other zones) to be reviewed in terms of its Site Plan and Design characteristics. The purpose of a Conditional Use Permit is to review the location, site development or conduct of certain land uses that could have an impact on the area in which they are located and/or are capable of creating special problems for bordering properties unless given special attention and the imposition of special conditions.

The purpose of a Site Plan and Design Review is to assure compatibility, harmony in appearance, and reduction of negative impacts of non-aesthetic development and orderly development of the community.

While the Planning Commission is the approving authority for a Conditional Use Permit, it is the recommending body for a Site Plan and Design Review with the City Council being the approving body. Therefore, this proposal must go before both bodies.

While the entire area is General Planned and zoned the same, this site is on the border of existing land uses. To the east of the site the land uses are primarily commercial and downtown oriented. Directly to the south and to the north and west the land uses are primarily single family residential.

This site represents the transition from non-residential to residential land uses and, as such, warrants careful attention.

This is an existing business relocating from one block to the east at "B" and Main Street (444 Main Street) where it has operated under a Conditional Use Permit (2013-03) since summer 2013. The business intends to operate substantially the same as at the current location except being in a new building built to be larger (5,750 sq ft. versus 10,780 sq ft.) and built specifically for its use as a boxing and sports facility.

The new building will contain a large central flex use area to be used for boxing containing a heavy bag area, speed and dee bag areas, boxing ring, and general workout area. There will be a separate parent viewing area, counter, and a separately enclosed merchandise retail area. The retail area will offer 51 Fifty apparel, energy drinks, and similar miscellaneous items.

A locker area, separate men’s and women’s bathrooms (each with a shower), equipment storage room and mechanical I janitorial room complete the interior.

Four off-street parking spaces (one handicapped) with a landscape buffer along Second Street are proposed on the north east corner of the lot. Access to the parking spaces is provided by an existing paved alley. The landscape buffer area is 3 1/2 ft. wide and 25 ft. long.

The building will be constructed on the property lines with no setbacks except for the parking area. The parking area is surrounded by a 5 ft. wide concrete sidewalk adjacent to the building. The three standard parking stalls are 9 ft. wide, 20 ft. long including a 2.5 ft. overhang from the tire stops. The handicapped stall is 20 ft. long, 9 ft. wide with a stripped 8 ft. landing I maneuvering area. Garbage will be kept within the building and moved out to the alley through the roll-up door on trash pick-up day.

The new building is single story, 23.5 ft. high at the roof ridge sloping to a final height of 10 ft. at the storage, mechanical I janitorial rooms on the north side of the building adjacent to the alley.

At the "B" and Second Streets corner, the building has a "tower" feature rising to 32 ft. 9 inches. This corner is the main architectural feature of the building. The building corner itself is cut at a 45 degree diagonal containing a "store front" glass entry with the main entrance and a bank of 8 ft. high windows.

A second entry (steel double doors) is located along the east, Second Street, frontage near the parking lot. The most visible side of the building is the south ("B" Street) elevation. This elevation is accented by a 3.5 ft. high masonry veneer siding of artificial stacked stone, gray in color, then a 12 ft. high light gray colored smooth cement plaster finish. The roof along this elevation is at a 4 by 12 pitch composed of seemed metal in a charcoal gray color. The tower feature at the "B" and Second Streets corner is clad in vertical seemed metal wall panels dark chocolate brown in color from above the 8 ft. high "store front" windows to the hipped roof also of seemed metal, charcoal gray in color.

The second most visible elevation is the east, Second Street frontage, also composed of a 3.5 ft. gray artificial stacked stone masonry veneer topped by a light gray smooth cement plaster finish. The roof is the same charcoal gray seemed metal at a 1.56 x 12 pitch from the ridge high of 23.5 ft. to a low of 10 ft. at the north end of the building adjacent to the alley.

An 8 ft. x 8 ft. roll-up door next to the alley provides access to the equipment storage room. The north elevation adjacent to the parking area also contains the 3.5 ft. high gray artificial stacked stone veneer topped by the light gray smooth cement plaster finish. Two banks of 2 ft. tall clerestory type windows 8 ft. high off the floor provide the only natural light to the facility above the parent viewing area.

The remainder of the north elevation along the alley and the entire interior west side elevation is composed of hi-rib metal wall panels slate gray in color. An identification sign is proposed on both the south and east sides of the tower. Possible sign areas are laid out on the south and east elevations as well.


The property is vacant and is properly General Planned and Zoned for such a use. The proposal meets the Zoning standards with respect to setbacks, height, parking, and lot coverage. The use is considered an indoor recreation use. The Municipal Code does not directly establish parking requirements for this type of activity.

A similar use "health I fitness facilities" requires one parking space for each 300 sq. ft. of floor area. A "health I fitness facility" does not, however, accurately describe the proposed use in that this activity is for youths, the majority of which are not expected to drive individually but rather be in carpools driven by parents and be dropped off.

The Planning Commission established clarity on the amount of parking required for a youth boxing and training facility as part of the approved Conditional Use Permit for this use located at its present site at 444 Main Street.

The parking required was one space for every 10 youth attending the facility plus one per coach or adult supervisor. For the subject proposal of one coach and up to 30 youth per training session, four parking spaces need to be provided. The on-site parking area provides 4 parking spaces.

The parking spaces meet the size and design requirements and one handicapped space, as required, is provided. Staff notes that additional curb parking is available along the "B" and 2nd Street frontages of the site.

This 2nd St. side area or, perhaps the alley, will most likely function as a drop-off I pick-up area for the youths. Given the low volume of traffic on "B" St. and in the alley, these areas could function well as drop-off I pick-up areas. A landscaped area is provided to buffer the parking area from 2nd Street as required. The details in terms of plant materials (one tree, drought tolerant shrubs providing a screen 36" high) are not listed but are required as part of the recommended conditions of approval. The building will have exterior lighting mounted to the building or in soffits. Pole mounted lighting for the parking lot will be provided, as needed. Conceptual locations for signs are shown on the plan elevations. The Downtown Commercial Zone allows 30 sq. ft. of sign per street frontage plus an identification sign 1 ft. by 6 ft. A recommended condition of approval regarding signs is proposed.

The City has a Design Guide applicable to all new development. Staff has compared the proposed new building’s design and colors with the Design Guide. The overall design of the new building appears to be consistent with the Design Guide in terms of being compatible in scale with the surrounding area.

The single story nature of the building, especially as it reduces in height toward the alley and residential uses beyond provides evidence of its efforts to be compatible with and transitional to the adjacent residential uses. The new building has a variety of textures provided by the masonry veneer, smooth plaster, ribbed tower (to accent the main corner and entrance to the building), and a textured seemed roof. The tower feature and diagonal entrance itself is pedestrian friendly as called for in the Design Guide.

The use of colored metal panels for the tower feature, non-street walls and roof is not traditional in terms of materials but it is mentioned as an acceptable material in the Design Guide. The colors are cool and muted as recommended in the Design Guide and are consistent with adjacent residential but are in shades of gray versus warmer tones of beige, brown, and brick as suggested by the Design Guide. This would be a judgement call on the part of the Commission whether the cooler colors are acceptable as a deviation from the recommended warmer colors.



Staff is of the opinion that the proposed use and new building would be an asset and beneficial in the Downtown. Developing a vacant lot and adding an area of activity helps the Downtown. Staff feels the site layout and building as proposed and as conditioned complies with all the requirements and standards applicable in the Downtown. The question of materials and colors is more subjective but staff is of the opinion that the materials and colors are consistent to and compatible with the existing Downtown while allowing for new interpretations and updated execution. Staff recommends the Planning Commission approve Conditional Use Permit 2015-01 and recommend approval by the City Council of Site Plan and Design Review 2015-02 based on the Findings and Conditions of Approval contained in the attached resolutions.


1. Conditional Use Permit Resolution 2015- Exhibit A, Conditions of Approval

2. Site Plan/Design Review Resolution 2015-_ Exhibit A, Conditions of Approval

3. Project Location and Zoning Map

4. Floor Plans and Elevations


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